You were not born to exist from behind a mask.

You were NOT born, to exist from behind a mask, living a version of yourself thats constructed for the world to be ok with…

Hiding your truth in the shadows is not an honouring of your soul. You know it, you can feel it… Every time you second guess what you’re saying. Overthink what you’re doing. Suppress what you’re feeling. You feel the dishonoring, that deep hollow echo.. Reminding you that you’re not living your truth.

When did you stop being you? When did you start thinking that showing up as you are, is not ok. When did you stop listening to your own music? And start playing other people’s songs?

It’s time to stop white-washing your life. Belittling your worth. Shrinking your true value. There was only one of you made. YOU are the only version of YOU there is. So… when you masquerade as someone you’re not… You’re ripping off the world, from experiencing this one of a kind, limited edition model that god… the universe (whatever you want to name it) created.

When you’re showing up in anything less than your truth. You rip the world off. You’re a special edition model. Just as you are. Remember that…

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