Stop self-rejecting. Stop hiding. Stop pretending.

Stop it. Stop it! Stop self-rejecting. Stop hiding. Stop pretending. Now as I say, you might be thinking, she’s not talking to me. She’s talking to the woman who is so bottom-level survival, more on self-rejection, the one with bulimia. And by the way honey, if you do have bulimia, know that you are not alone. I have it for 8 years. I know that there is life on the other side of it. One that you cannot even imagine. Now, please today, stop it and get some help!

You know what, I’m talking to you. Yeah, you. I’m talking to you. The one with the successful life. The one that people look up to. Because you got everything sorted. What they don’t know is the thought that is going through your mind, that you feel disconnected, that you feel alone. What people don’t see is how you feel after you’ve been scrolling through social media. That hollowness you feel in the inside. What they don’t know is it, that parts of your body that you damn afraid to show your world. Those parts of your body that you are not loving.

I guess, what they really don’t know is how afraid you are of them seeing all of you. And so, you keep it all up.You keep up the image. You keep up the wall. And you know what, they think you’re really keep up is you keep up the disconnection from your truth. If you take away one thing from this video, I want you to hear this. A personality is heavy to carry when you are not standing in the truth of your soul.

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