What If Your Struggles Arent About What You Think They Are About


What if your struggles aren’t about what you think they’re about?

What if… the story you’re telling yourself about why you’re upset. Isn’t the actual reason you’re upset… So often our struggles, our disagreements, our suffering (sadness) is there to block us from experiencing our full capacity.

See, when we push someone away, underneath….. we get to be right, about being alone. When we create drama in our lives. We get to be right…. about our struggles. When we hold onto pain (when we refuse to forgive). We get to stay in the comfort of our own suffering. When we make another person wrong. We get to be right.. about being right. We get to hold on to our reasons for not growing.

See.. as long as our lives are challenging, we have a reason, an excuse, for staying small. People try and cut me down when I shine. But when I stay small, they try and lift me up..

See, as long as I’m a victim, as long as I’m suffering, people will go easier on me. Staying small feels safer.
Staying small means I don’t have to risk anything. But does it…? What I don’t realize from inside my cage is that staying small cuts me off from actually being alive.

And here’s the paradox—That smallness inside, i’ts the child, wanting, waiting to be loved. When you love him or her… she’ll hand you the key.

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