Those limitations in your head aren’t even yours…

Let us empower each other but stop empowering our smallness!

So you’ve got some cold stuff going on in your life that you can feel that resistance holding you back. You can hear the whispers in your soul, who them for a while.

But then, there’s a crack on top. The gravity which is pulling you down—That I’m not good enough. I can’t do this. Who am I to even share? What have I even got of value to share.

Living inside of someone else’s box inside of someone else’s rules, inside of someone else’s paradigm handed to you bit by bit, box by box, that you even forget to question your own limitations because you forgot that that voice in your head isn’t even yours.

Owning myself as a sexual woman didn’t happen until I realized that I hadn’t heard someone else’s paradigm of shame and guilt.

If you hear one thing. Hear this—Let’s share but let’s stop sharing limitations. Let’s empower each other but stop empowering our smallness!

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