Regrets is a very heavy thing to carry in your heart when you’re the end of your life…

There is a Latin meaning for the word human being which says “they who forget. How appropriate is that for us. How often do we live our lives like truly present to the fact that one day we’re gonna die. I don’t know about you but sometimes I can be super bloody significant, like so significant about my problems, is so significant how I want things to be and I can feel like things are just the way they are. I forget that all of these, like it’s just a gift. It’s such a gift.

I had a total privilege at one point in my life as working as a registered nurse and I used to nurse people who are the end of their life. And time and time again, I would hear stories of regret. Stories of what people regretted, not being, not doing, not showing up his. They would talk about regretting, not being happy, not living a life that was true to them.

Regrets is a very heavy thing to carry in your heart when you’re the end of your life. We know this logically. How often do we live that ‘experientially’ moment-to-moment.

Sometimes, like today, I carry something that reminds me of how impermanent this life is. (I’ve got this little necklace on today with a skull on it. I wasn’t thinking I was gonna do this video.)

Just to remember that life is so impermanent. How can our problems be permanent when even our life is impermanent. Some people might think, that’s morbid. But really getting present to your own death, but when you do get present to your own death and when really think the fact that one day, you won’t be here. You get to experience your life in a different way. There is just so much beauty, so much joy, so much playfulness that we can have in our life when we really get there and we’re willing to wake up on a daily basis. We are so present to gratitude for the gift that we have.

Now look at this house, once upon a time this house was brand new and would have home family in here. And if you actually come into this house, like it was actually close to falling down. (I’m kinda glad I am sitting at the window sill because it really, it really could fall down. That’s held up by some interesting things on the inside.) You know things past, there will be a time when this house is not sitting here.

Whatever problem that you’ve got going on now, that feels like, it’s so overwhelming and it’s just so everything consuming you, it’s not gonna last, nothing is. We aren’t even gonna last forever.

Whatever you need to do to remind you of how magnificent your life really is, please do that. And from that space, what do you need to do, who do you need to talk to? Do you need to apologize to someone? You need to tell them that you love them. You need to tell yourself that you love you.

Whatever it is, don’t take this life in granted and particularly, don’t take this moment right now for granted ’cause it’s only the moment that we actually get to love.

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