We need to stand on something so much stronger.

Intention communicates beyond words. When your intention is of love and compassion and it’s for good, that communicates beyond anything else that communicates. Don’t worry if it gets tangled up in the words you’re saying, primarily get clear about your intention. The place you’re standing from.

Just now, I meet this beautiful 94-year old Balinese man. We cannot speak the same language. The only thing that we communicate is through our intention. We sat there, we shared food and we just talked but it wasn’t through words.

Intention is a thing that we need to come back to. It’s so easy to get tied up and having to say the right words and having to do the right thing whereas we step over, getting clear about the place that we standing from. We need to stand on something stronger.

We need to stand on something so much stronger. We need stand on our intention. We need to stand on where our soul is wanting to stand in the world. Because when we stand on that place, it does not matter what we say. We don’t need to control what we say, we don’t need to control what we do. When we stand on clear intention, when we stand on love, when we stand on the place of truth from our soul, our intention gets communicated well beyond the words, we can feel it.

This beautiful 94-year old man, his intention was clear. I don’t need to have to understand his language. I can feel his intention, it was one of love.

Get clear about where is a place that you stand from this. What is your intention and have that guide you. Have that be something that’s connected from your soul rather than from your head, rather than from the past, rather than trying to get to a certain place. Have it connected from a place that is way deeper and let that be your lighthouse. Let that guide you and let something that is way more true, way more deep, way more action, way more powerful, way more transforming, way more loving, come through you rather than always trying to come up here.

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