Small Choices Matter (a powerful short film)

This is a video about making small daily choices that leave big impacts on where they head. When I recovered from bulimia, I had 7 years with very intense bulimia. I learnt that it was the small choices I mad moment to moment. I remember when I had bulimia, how overwhelming it all felt. I didn’t think I would be able to get through it. I couldn’t see my life without bulimia. But overtime, with commitment, it happened. My life has been free of bulimia or any fear around food or weight for over 9 years. I couldn’t imagine it now. If you have bulimia, or any kind of eating disorder or self-rejection, please believe in yourself, and believe in your ability to be free from this. Its only in our belief that its possible, that we have the courage and the strength to make these small new choices for ourselves every day. And small choices really do add up to big mind and life shifts.

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  • Cynthia


  • Robyn Banks

    Great work Kate.
    Yes it is good to see that everything is a choice and some people are not aware that they have a choice. And between stimulus and response there is a gap….that’s where the light gets in…. breath and have compassion for oneself and choose

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