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“Most powerful and intense week I've experienced and trust me I've had rough weeks. With a SASMarines background I know what tough feels like!" When it come to these two I have a lot to be grateful for.”

~ John SmithSAS Special Forces Officer

“I did this program last year and it has been the
number 1 most profound and impactful personal shakeup and shift I have ever experienced.”

~ John AbbottCreator of the Giving Model Strategy

You already know there’s something unique about you. You can feel it inside you. Bubbling up.
Wanting to come to the surface, and bust through.

To put it simply “you’ve got the goods”. And you’ve always known that.

But for some reason, you’ve been holding them back. holding back your ‘goodie basket’ from the world. So instead of birthing all your golden eggs, you’ve been keeping them inside you, locked up.
Measuring yourself out in doses. Not owning your greatness. Dialing down your voice.

So I’m just going to go ahead and ask the obvious question here. Are you ready….?
“What’s that shit all about?” Why’re you doing it?

That gravitational force that you’re feeling that holds you back, it doesn’t go away just because you close your eyes. In fact, it's the opposite. You’ve got to open your eyes. And when you do. The veil drops.. And there you are.. connected, to YOUR power.

GameChangerLive Bali is 5 Days of accelerated personal leadership training at a stunning luxury award-winning resort in Ubud, the spiritual epicenter of Bali.

You’ll be guided to go to the depths of who you are, clearing where you’ve been blocked and uncovering the leader you ALREADY are. (did you hear that. It's ALREADY within you. Which you know. That's what you can feel aching to get out.)

If you’ve been feeling stuck behind a mask, held back by some invisible forces that you can't quite put your finger on… and you’re ready to be DONE with that. Then do what it takes to be here in Bali with us for this accelerated leadership training (and if you book THIS week on this page.. You’ll get 80% off your ticket price under this Silver Scholarship).

And THEN… get excited

We’ll take you to the places that you need to go, to clear the residue and blocks
That’ve outstayed their welcome

And isn’t it about time?
The world needs you at your FULL CAPACITY
Your family needs you AT YOUR FULL CAPACITY


During this fully immersive experience, we’ll stand for your transformation in whichever ways required. We’ll guide and support you as you come up against THE thing that’s been blocking you.

Because beyond that (holy shit), it’ll blow your mind what becomes available…

Are you ready?

Here on this page you can claim yourself a $4,000 Silver Scholarship, which will give you a whopping 80% off the ticket price, and lock in for yourself an experience that will change the game of how you know yourself and the level to which you’re operating at in the world.

Join us in Bali for 5 Days of accelerated personal leadership training that’ll change the game in how you know yourself to be and crack the capacity of the level to which you play at in life

Marc Stevens ( Web Design Media )

“all the books I’ve read on leadership are no reflection of the work I’ve done here”

~ Fiona Migan,  Phillip CEO of Equinology


Experience massive shifts in who you know yourself as

Who you know ourself as in the world affects EVERYTHING. Every area of your life that's important to you is entirely shaped by this. Your relationships, your finances, your ability to create solutions, your ability to produce results and be successful in the ways that you want to be.. All comes down to this one thing.
Over the 5 days, you’ll come to experience and know yourself in ways that will feel completely new (and exciting) and which give you a direct access to your power (literally opening up a new future for you).

Free Up Stuckness

Get ready to feel your freedom on an entirely new level as you free up areas that you’ve felt stuck in. The 5 days isn’t about ‘learning how to get unstuck’ from a theoretical level.
It's about you actually ‘getting the fuck unstuck’! Like, fo ‘real! So that by the time you leave the 5 days, you’re off, flying towards what you want.Being cause in the matter of your life is a place to stand from which gives you power and freedom to create the life YOU choose.

Transform the Relationships in Your Life 

What’s the quality of the key relationships in your life? When we take on our own personal leadership we crave and create high quality relationships. As you step into your leadership, you’ll call forth your power to transform the key relationships in your life. Everything from intimate relationships, to friendships, to relationships with siblings, through to client business relationships.
It's time to call in ‘exquisite’ on every level.

Be the Person Who Gets the Damn Results

This is pretty much it. If you want to be the person who actually gets the damn results in your life, every time you choose to (instead of just dreaming or talking about it, OR hitting up against brick walls)...
then this 5 days, is everything. Seriously, do whatever’s required to get your butt to Bali for this,
cause what this is going to crack open within you, will be worth everything it took to get you there.

Seriously, do whatever’s required to have this happen for yourself What you’ll have crack open for yourself during these 5 days,
will be worth many times over (and more) what it takes to be there. 

Results at this level, are priceless.


Here’s a taster of what you’ll be up to during each of these 5 epic days

6am - 7am 

What’s going to have YOU feeling amazing this morning? Yoga? Group Personal Training? EVERY morning you’ll get to choose how to get your endorphins pumping. We’ve selected our favorite yoga instructor and Bali’s most sought-after personal trainer to help you start each day feeling alive.


Now that your body’s feeling amaaaaazing, it's time to open your heart and connect to soul. You head upstairs to the decadent Ballroom (think: ‘velvet, thrones & chandeliers’), where a cup of ceremonial cacao is waiting for you. As you walk into the room, there’s beautiful music playing and aromatherapy wafting through the air. You take your Ceremonial Cacao (we use a very special Ceremonial Grade Cacao that will open your heart mind and soul), and find yourself a comfortable space to sit, where you’ll set your intentions for the day, tune in and journal.

9.30am - 12.30am

Now that you’re ready (on all levels)... it's time to open your mind, crack wide your thinking and smash off that glass ceiling in your life with our first Leadership Training Session for the day. Its three hours of Accelerated Leadership Training in the beautiful ballroom at The Mansion. This conversation will be like paint stripper being applied to everything that's been holding you back.

12.30 - 2pm

Head down to The Mansion’s Restaurant for a delicious buffet lunch. After lunch, you’ve got the entire grounds to walk around and get lost in the beauty of it all. There are several acres of opulent landscaped gardens and infinity pools surrounded by palm trees and decadent surroundings. Find yourself a palm tree to sit under with your journal and consolidate whats opening up for you, as well as doing the advanced homework that you’ve been given in the previous session.

2pm - 6pm

Session two for the day kicks off again in the Ballroom. There are TWO in-depth Leadership training sessions each day. And each session builds powerfully on the session prior to it.

6pm - 7.30pm

It's time for dinner and some head-clearing time. You’ve done AMAZING work in the two morning sessions so you head off for a swim after dinner in one of the many infinity pools on the property. Cause ‘hello’.. it's warm all day and night here in Bali!! And swimming is an all day every day kinda thing here.

7.30pm - 9.30pm

It's back to the ballroom for the evening session. However, this time, it's an absolute change of pace from what happened during the day in the two Leadership Training Sessions. Tonight (and every night), there is an EPIC modality to help you INTEGRATE and PROCESS all of the deep openings and breakthroughs that’re bubbling through. And tonight.. you’re in for a total and utter treat!!! But “sshhhhhhhhhhh”… 'cause we can't tell you what's going to happen tonight, because it's a complete surprise. Each of the evening sessions is a surprise. Come with an open mind, and be prepared to be surprised and delighted with the beautiful, powerful and potent experiences that you have ahead of you.

9.30pm to 10pm

WOW! What a day! So many openings and mammoth breakthroughs. It's time for a night of sleeping and integration of ALL that opened up during such a mind opening and soul expanding day.

Marc Stevens ( Web Design Media )

I did this program last year and it has been the number 1 most powerful and impactful personal shake up and shift I have ever experienced. It totally freed me from my ego, the facade and "personality" I had created as my persona, and I was reconnected with my soul, my truth, the REAL me. I've been now living from a totally new place of consciousness, awareness and gratitude that has totally shifted my reality and experience of life. I can't thank Henare O'Brien and Kate Maree O'Brien enough for this work, the care they take to create this environment and the relentless commitment to all who attend to take the bold steps and experience the radical transformation available to them here.

John Abbott, Creator of the Giving Model Strategy


And not only will you receive FIVE DAYS of deep dive accelerated leadership trainings that’ll be like paint stripper to everything that’s held you back and blow the roof off your capacity.
you’ll ALSO get ALL the additional passes added to your ticket for free, including...
The Daily Group Fitness Pass

Every morning you can join in on the group fitness sessions, choosing between getting your zen on with our favourite yoga instructor, OR getting your endorphins on with Bali’s most sought after personal trainer who takes motivating workouts that’re super fun and energising to fully set up for an extraordinary day ahead

Daily Buffet Lunch Pass

With this pass you’ll get to enjoy a beautiful buffet lunch every day at The Mansion in their exquisitely luxurious dining room (think: velvet and opulence)

Daily Cacao Ceremony Pass

Yessssssss!!!! You’re in for a total and utter treat here! Every morning, after your endorphins are cranking from your fitness session, you’ll join Kate up in the beautiful Ballroom for an ultra special Cacao Ceremony and guided tuning in & journaling session to prepare you for the deep work ahead.

Surprise Session Evening Passes

“Ssssshhhhhh”. We can’t tell you what’s going to happen, cause it's a secret. Just know this, you’re going to LOVE what’s going to happen!!! After the breakthrough leadership trainings are completed for the day, you’ll come back into the beautiful ballroom for very special evening sessions with Kate. Each of the evening sessions is a special surprise, and will be an ‘experience’. The experiences that we’ve chosen will help you to integrate the HUGE openings that you’ll be having during the day.

Friday Night Party Pass

You haven’t experienced “connection” and “full self expression” like you’ll experience here. This is going to be a one off night that on it's own, will remind you of what’s possible, and how joyful life is, when you allow yourself to be ALL of you. It’ll be a night to celebrate YOU and all of how you’ve shown up for yourself. Pack something to wear that has you feel amazing (whatever that is!)

Marc Stevens ( Web Design Media )

I’ve had so much opportunity open up for me, so much more than I believed possible. It continues to amaze me, what opens up for me financially and in my relationships… Today, I realized I’ve made a $1000 more this month than I projected and what I projected was even $1500 more than I have ever made in my life a month and now I'm making over and above what I didn’t believe possible! This is some magical stuff! It seems magical but it is intensely practical! There’s sooo much opportunity to open up to and there’s so much that I get to accept and that I can just let go and let be and I’m blessed and so grateful to be in this program and to have access to Henare’s coaching because he is able to see me deeper that I could see myself.

Sarah Conner, Licensed Massage Therapist and Personal Coach

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are answers to some frequently asked questions:

What are the dates and times of GameChangerLive?

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What currency is this in?

What’s the “TOP 20 BONUS” and what are the details?

What’s included in my Silver Scholarship?

I haven’t been to Bali, how much is accommodation there?

Will this happen again at this cost?

Wow I'm excited! I haven't been to Bali before! Tell me more….

Marc Stevens ( Web Design Media )

Within the first couple of weeks, I noticed huge shifts happening... Underlying things that I had hidden and buried were actually given permission to come to the surface for me to be able to see them and for me to make a choice to set them aside to create a bigger and brighter future. I've noticed a huuuge change with my relationship with my husband. We’ve been together for 10 years now and we’re the most connected we’ve ever been. In the way, we communicate, express and able to have really open, honest conversations with things that’re important to us… that was definitely not the case before I started this program.

I’ve blossomed and have been able to really acknowledge and see all of who I am and know that all of it is whole complete and perfect and be okay with that and allow the uglier side to come up and know that it’s okay but also know that I have a choice to stay in that space or to shift it aside and allow my stand and my vision and to even create that stand that I wanted to make in the world has been huge for me and it was something that I struggled with. Hen has been so open and loving and been able to guide through this process.

Missy Garcia, Holistic Registered Nurse and Entrepreneur