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  • "You guys are the ‘Unstoppable Combo’ who are always ‘upsizing’ your delivery. Your formula is unique, your style refreshing and your teachings are life changing."

    Bridget Morris
    Bridget Morris Career Transformation Coach
  • "This was a MASSIVE game changer from me. I can now look myself in the mirror and know that I love myself. Thanks Kate and Hen I have been waiting for someone like this to enter my life and assist me in finding my way. I couldn’t have waited for two more fantastic people ever."

    Rach Stillman
    Rach Stillman Founder of Aimee Jay
  • "It was amazing to me how quickly we did important deep work on ourselves AND it was really fun. We were given practical tools to help us really carry forward our growth into our everyday lives. It was wonderful how a large group moved into their heart energy so quickly., it was a wonderful experience to be in that energy & around so many pther people who were too. Thank you so much!."

    Gabbie Milne-Ridrigres
    Gabbie Milne-Ridrigres Founder & Owner of ‘Fairy Rosebud’

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