Self Love VS Self Esteem


Self-love shows up and just loves you anyway and gently nudges you to keep moving forward.

Where are you sourcing your power from. Is it from within or is it from without?

There is a huge big difference between looking out into the world as the measure of how you are supposed to be. Looking out into the world kinda like as a barometer on how you’re gonna show up versus connecting within.

Connecting within to the truth of who you really are. Connecting in to the voice that’s already lying there. Connecting in to the power that’s always lying dormant within you.

There’s a huge difference between self-esteem versus self-love. Self-esteem says, how I feel about myself is entirely dependent on how other people think of me. How I feel about myself is entirely dependent on the success I’ve achieved, on the accolades that I’ve got, on all those boxes that I’ve taken in life. Where self-love, she is entirely different. What self-love says is, I own all of who I am. I claim the truth in me. I even own those parts of me that sometimes, at times, I feel a little bit more difficult to be with. I own them. I claim them. I love them. I honor them. This is also something else different that self-love does differently.

See, the thing of being a human being is that, below the surface, below the good intentions, below the affirmations, below the goals, below all of that, at times they are wobbles.

You know, at times we can feel afraid, at times we can feel self-doubt coming up but what self-love does differently in those moments, when the stuff is wobbling under the surface, is that self-love says—Hey darling, it’s okay. Self-love brings the compassion in the moments of those wobbles.

Self-love shows up and just loves you anyway and gently nudges you to keep moving forward.

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