Hey! I’m so excited that you’re wanting to do the Relationship Recreation Retreat.
It's an epic couple’s experience that transforms so much.

It's a 5-day private “live-in” experience, facilitated by both myself and Henare, two master trainers, who together, have a 15-year committed relationship that has gone through some big things,
and which we’ve taken from strength to strength. Over the years of our marriage, we’ve learnt how to continually re-create new levels within together.

Ask yourself this…

Inside of your relationship, how often do you both
take the space to truly “re-create”

Re-creating who you are to each other
Re-creating how you see each other
Re-creating the purpose and intention of your relationship

How often do you actually take time out to complete and close off chapters of the past
that you’ve been through together, acknowledging what that period of your lives was for you both
(warts and all), and calling that part of what you went through now ‘complete’.

This is soooo crucial, because it cleans the slate for you both to powerfully CHOOSE
your next phase together.
What do you NOW want to step into together?
What do you both want to call in?
How do you both want to know yourselves and each other?
What are you both excited for in this new phase?

Relationships aren't meant to be done, eyes closed.
Unconsciously going through life smacking into each other.

There is so much more possible
inside of relationships


Henare and I get so pretty damn passionate about this because we know what’s possible when two people are truly committed to having an epic one. 

In the early years we’d both brought so much of our own baggage through that we were smacking up against each other over 'n over, and couldn't see a way out. To say that it was frustrating, was an understatement.
But, we did the work - we BOTH showed up.
We now have an extraordinary marriage and I'm about to make a big claim.
Here it is… we both haven't seen a relationship like ours out there.
With the depth of freedom, care, friendship, communication, mutual support and ability to clean up and recreate over and over and over.

Here’s some of the key areas that we’ve developed relationship mastery in:

Extraordinary full communication

Everything gets talked through. And I do mean… everything. We say what most people won’t.
And will go into conversation together, where most people will avoid. Because of that,
we have a clean relationship, where things get to be created and manifested fast together

Clearing out

We’ve become masterful at clearing out blocks within our relationship.
Sorting through old patterns that’ve kept us stuck, and moving through them,
completing them, and re-creating something new together


We’ve learnt how to keep recreating together. Recreating how we see each other.
Recreating what it is that we’re up to and committed to. The art of recreation has allowed us to keep moving our lives into new spaces and not be held back by how we’ve known each other in the past. This is everything. If you really want results in your life, you need to have the relationship on board with powerfully supporting the creation of those results.


There is complete freedom in our relationship for either of us to choose whatever we choose.
That's a pretty epic experience, and something that is hard to even describe the ripple effects that it creates in other areas of your life that you wouldn’t expect.

During the 5 days - in amongst having a shit tone of fun - you’ll be experiencing daily relationship specific training and coaching sessions that are designed to have you working through the 4 key areas of epic relating.

This is all going to be interspersed with some really special things that we have planned for you,
so you both get to have some amazing experiences together, while you’ve taken this special time out of your lives, away from the day to day, to re-invest in the future of your partnership.

We will only be doing two RELATIONSHIP RECREATION RETREATS in 2019, and as this is a small, private retreat experience,
we can only take through 6 couples at each.

and so spaces are super limited, and once they're gone, we won't be putting on any more
relationship retreats in 2019.

What's included:

Full access for both you and your partner to the entire Relationship Recreation Retreat here in Bali which includes 5 days / 4 nights of reconnection and recreation, and everything included refuel your tanks with pampering and connection time, as well as to recharge your relationship with daily coaching and training - plus SO much more!

Daily Coaching and Training Sessions with Kate and Henare O’Brien - these sessions will be intuitively led, and crack open so much. Henare and I lead big 5 day workshops of 100+ people in the room for deep transformational work. This is a unique opportunity to work together in a small, private environment, and have as much dedicated focussed support as you want and need for you both.

4 nights of luxury accommodation for you and your partner. You’ll be living with us in a huge, stunning, luxury Villa in Bali, and you and your partner will have a beautiful room all to yourselves.

All your meals for the duration of the Retreat are included. You’re going to be nourished with healthy, delicious and nutritious foods every day, including daily cold pressed juices, and protein shakes jam-packed with superfoods!

All activities are included with everything taken care of! We’ve got some awesome things planned for you and everything's included so you don't have to think about a thing, except, what you’re creating together in your relationship. We’ve planned some pretty cool shit for you both!

Daily Cacao Ceremonies with personally guided reprogramming sessions to supercharge the daily upgrades that you’ll both be experiencing.

Private workouts with Bali’s TOP personal trainer! You know what they say about the couples who workout together? They stay together! Each morning Bali’s top personal trainer is coming to the luxury villa to train you! These sessions are effective and FUN. This is all about increasing endorphins, and creating energy that feels good.

Final night King & Queen celebration party! To celebrate together, an epic week, we’ll be having together a special King and Queen celebration party - so pack whatever has you feeling fabulous! Oh, and we’ll also have a group of top Toni and Guy hairdresser’s onsite to blow-wave your hair however you want it, so that you’re feeling fabulous and treated like a Queen before the night kicks off.

You'll both be staying for 5 Days / 4 Nights in a private luxury room at this stunning luxury homestead. You'll have absolutely everything provided for you — including being epically pampered — so that you can refuel and recharge together.

About the Facilitators

Henare and Kate O'Brien

We're a husband and wife duo from New Zealand, who together hold over 20 years experience in personal development training to a high level. Combining years of study in ontology, spirituality, human behaviour, NLP and more. We are both NLP Master Practitioners with Kate also being
an NLP Trainer.

We've personally studied with and under the Masters and pioneers of their respected fields.
Our unique teaching processes have evolved over the past decade drawing from a range of modalities including ontology, spirituality & neuroscience and the training we facilitate is deep, and ‘no holds barred’. We go anywhere that’s required to support people to crack past the resistance that’s been blocking them and step into the truth of who they already are.
When we say anything, we really do mean ANYTHING. From martial arts to primal screaming, ontological training to dancing.. We go wherever is required.

We facilitate 2 - 5 days workshops with groups of up to 200 people.Our advanced leadership trainings have people causing transformational results in every area of their lives, in particular transforming their finances, relationships with loved ones, and relationship to themselves.

We've become known as Australasia's Leading Transformational Leadership Couple,
created one of the world's leading personal development summits, and are globally known for the deep shift coaching & training we provide.

So… if you feel called to be there, my suggestion is to do what it takes to get there!
Play a game and make it happen. It's quite extraordinary what happens,
when we move from “I cant” to “how could I have it happen”... options open up.
There’s always away.. IF you choose it

This will be an absolute experience for your relationship together.
It will be an opportunity for you to both dive deep into your own growth as well as re-connect to the soul of your relationship…

….while having fun!!!

We know how to bring the fun!!
Why? Cause relationship sparkle needs fun.
And we’ll definitely be having that, in bucketloads!

If you want to reconnect with your partner in ways that you’ve never done before
To refuel the tank of your relationship
To reconnect to the soul of your relationship
And strengthen the foundation of who you are together..
While having 5 days of fun and (shall I say it).. some adventures…!!

… then act quick because we’re only taking
6 couples and this will be snapped up fast