Remove The Blocks & Create Your Contract With Yourself In This Lifetime


You get to create your own contract with yourself in this lifetime.

We have so much ‘stuff’ covering up our truth. Layers and layers of patterning & conditioning which blocks our capacity to express, create & contribute. This ‘stuff’ runs the interference which blocks our vision… It blocks our sight from seeing how magnificent we truly are… Any thought in your mind, that tells you you are not enough, they’re not the truth of your soul. They’re not your truth. When you hear that, don’t waste the energy resisting it. Lovingly move beyond them… and connect into the deepest core part of your being…the part where you know without a doubt how utterly magnificent you are…. And from there, make your commitment to yourself…

How you will experience yourself..? How you will you show up for yourself…? What you are here to experience, create, contribute, expand…? What you will have & not have in your life…? What your legacy will be…?

YOU get to create your own contract with yourself in this lifetime. YOU get to choose.

Connect in with your soul, your truth. And co-create a life that fills you up from the inside out.

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