Keep doing the great work that you’re doing!


New York Times Bestselling Author, Featured Expert in the Global Movie ‘Phenomena’

Henare & Kate have wonderful skills to bring out the best in people. This is a powerful team of personal development to listen to.


New York Times Bestselling Author & Globally Acclaimed Spiritual Teacher and Founder of ‘The Journey’

Kate is impacting her audiences at an emotional level and at a life changing level. I highly recommend her.


INLPTA Certified NLP Master Trainer & Corporate Consultant

I absolutely love Kate, she comes from the heart, her message is inspiring. I highly recommend her. She’s a woman who changes lives.


World Leader in Neuro Behaviour Modelling, Master Trainer & Master Modeller

I simply LOVE what Henare & Kate have created, their messages are so authentic & such a huge alignment with my own teachings.


New York Times Bestselling Female Author

Listen to him he is a great teacher.


New York Times #1 Bestselling, Author of ‘The Millionaire Messenger’

Kate and Henare O’Brien are unquestionably New Zealand’s top personal development coaches. They are formidable force, impacting thousands of lives through their work.

Anyone who has been fortunate enough to attend of their events, watch any of their free videos or be a part of their transformational programs understands just how powerful their work is.

They find the perfect balance between spiritual guidance and practical application of their dreams and aspirations in life. They are not afraid to confront people right to the core and challenge them to pull through and make the shift.

During my first seminar with Kate and Henare, I witnessed the power of their impact as a team — everyone in the room was transformed or changed over that weekend. With well over 100 attendees, I was impressed they could articulate a message that made sense to people who had probably never spoken to a coach before right through to those of us who actively invest in coaching and personal development.

Their approach is unique, their message is powerful and they have a heart for people bigger than I have ever experienced.


Entrepreneur and Business Coach

I got so much more from it than what I could ever have imagined.


Featured in The Upcoming Documentary: Trekking to Everest Basecamp

Sharing yourselves so authentically, allowed me to see myself… really… This workshop is THE BEST I have ever been to.


CEO of Catapult Your Career

The GameChanger Live weekend was something I needed and didnt know I needed. I love how real Kate and Hen are and how they allow they space for people to be themsleves to come to their own realisations. I love that them expressing their true sleves has allowed me to drop the expectations that we all have to be perfect in order to be taking action and making a difference. Couldnt recommend highly enough!!!


Founder of ‘Into Light Magazine’ & ’21st Century Youth’

Wow, what a mind blowing experience – one I will always remember. The honesty and realness of the weekend is what made it so easy to relate to on a personal level. I wasnt expecting alot, but I am now walking away clearheaded, relaxed, focussed and with a purpose. Thankyou for such a fantastic weekend of fun, tears and learning. You both rock!! Keep doing what you’re doing!!


Popular Fitness, Health & Nutritionist Blogger @StephaniePearce

GamechangerLive was in one world – AWESOME. This powerful weekend workshop helped me to connect more deeply with who I am and step into living my purpose more fully – no more excuses! Thanks Kate and Hen you guys ROCK!!


‘The Spiritual Nutritionist’

It was amazing to me how quickly we did important deep work on ourselves AND it was really fun. We were given practical tools to help us really carry forward our growth into our everyday lives. It was wonderful how a large group moved into their heart energy so quickly., it was a wonderful experience to be in that energy & around so many other people who were too. Thank you so much!


Founder and Owner of ‘Fairy Rosebud’

This was a MASSIVE game changer from me. I can now look myself in the mirror and know that I love myself. Thanks Kate and Hen I have been waiting for someone like this to enter my life and assist me in finding my way. I couldn’t have waited for two more fantastic people ever.


Founder of Aimee Jay

THANK YOU Kate & Henare Hona O’Brien for creating this unique, diverse, interactive & safe space. Over the past month, I have learnt so much from both of you, other GC VIP’s & most importantly about myself… I have learnt so much about who I once was & the parts of the old me I miss & grieve. Along with who I’m currently trying to create within myself & to be. Who I need to be vs who I want to be vs who I already am. Also how & when I choose to show up for others & myself!

The most valuable gift that has surfaced for me has been having the courage to be 110% honest & transparent with myself & with others inside this Game Changer VIP platform & within my personal relationships & day to day life.

For example: Specifically over the past month, there has been a couple of situations/opportunities/events where I had the choice to keep quiet & swallow my truth from all the world, which meant being dishonest to others, but also to myself. Lying to myself has been EXTREMELY PAINFUL! The other choice I’ve had when these unsettling issues arise, I had the choice to share & speak about them. Acknowledging that something doesn’t feel ok – is more than ok! It’s the self validation & self love I recently found myself learning to honour.



You guys are the ‘Unstoppable Combo’ who are always ‘upsizing’ your delivery. Your formula is unique, your style refreshing and your teachings are life changing.


Career Transformation Coach

I have worked alongside Henare and Kate for some time now. The tools they [Henare and Kate] have shared with me have helped me reconstruct the way I see myself in the world. I credit my experiences with GameChanger for saving my life and giving me a renewed purpose for the future.


Social Worker