It starts with me and it starts now!

I’m done. I’m done asking for permission. I’m done waiting for someone else to say that I can. I’m done with watering down my truth. I’m done with swallowing my voice and I am done with living inside a box that’s too small to breath in.

Guess what, the access point after all of that, it starts with me and it starts now.

I give myself full permission to rise into a whole new space of being in the world. To a new level of honoring my truth. A new level of allowing my wisdom. A new level of jumping into my power. A new level of trusting where my soul is leading me. I get it. I get it stuffs gonna come up. Things will happen. People will say stuff. There will be times when that noise and my head will scream at me so loud—I’m on the wrong path. It’s too hard. I can’t do it. I’m not good enough.

That noise could get so loud that it’s hard to hear my voice. But guess what, those moments, that will not gonna stop me. In fact, that gonna open me up. Everytime, they’ll remind me, dig deeper. They will whisper to me—let go darling. Trust, you got this.

In fact, they will be the moments that lead me to embodying in my bones, what I’ve already known in my heart—trust, self-compassion, unwavering commitment and the power of love.

And I’ll tell you this. There’s something that is sure of how it would do. They will not define me. Because you know what, I truly bloody get that everything I want, it all starts with me and my courage to give myself full permission to rise.

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