Owning Your Leadership – Episode 3


People are transferring their leadership onto others. Looking UP TO people rather than looking INTO themselves…

Do you ever feel like that? Like, I want to go to that place where I’m just no longer doubting myself… One thing I’ve learnt is that, it’s not going away… and it’s just there to show you’re a human being… and that you’re alive… and having the courage… the gusto… the gumption… that’s what Showing Up is.

I was gonna do the leadership talk after reading a couple of books on leadership and getting their ‘take’ on leadership. I read the books. I got disappointed… and then I got the paradox… I was following someone else to give a talk on leadership and I realized that that’s actually not what people need.

Leadership is about connecting into your own truth. Having other people’s truth always comes through you like… you have got your own unique wisdom. Connect into that… that’s what leadership is.

What do you feel when I ask you this—so what is leadership mean to you? Like what is there for you when you are called a leader? Is it like just damn straight, ‘I’m the leader’? like full ownership? or is there like a sense of kind of rejection?

My intention for this conversation that we’re going to have is not to tell you what leadership is. Actually I think that it’s a very personal thing that we need to explore individually for ourselves.

It’s like when you have the ability to really look out into your future and create what it is that you want but here’s the thing and this is the part we don’t usually talk about… when we talk about visions and we talked about like really lifting a little what’s possible… This is what happens…

So imagine right here is my future—so this is my future that I’m wanting to create and I’m thinking, ‘yeah I sure I can just create whatever it is that I want, etcetera etcetera and then behind me is my past. The thing is and this is where the problem is… we think we are going into our future like this leaving our past behind us. It’s actually a lot more like this—we are constantly looking at our past… relating to our path seeing our past and as we’re looking at our past, we’re moving into our future backwards looking at our past the entire time.

Which is why even though we think we are doing this yes and to a clear future I’m creating from what’s possible… what we’re actually doing is constantly looking at that. You know that thing where you failed in the business that time… you know that thing where you were stuffed up… you know that thing where you put yourself out there and you try to do that thing that you’re so excited about and you didn’t pull it off… you got hurt… that’s the thing that we keep relating to.

It’s not we’re not even seeing this clear space behind us, we’re constantly seeing this to relating to it which is why so often more of it shows up.

The reason why I so rejected the idea of leadership for myself 10 years ago is that, I wasn’t seeing a future what was possible for me as a leader… on what I would have to cause in the world… ‘I was constantly seeing Kate O’Brien as the extra get it. Kate O’Brien that lives in a shed… that was a solo mum that had two cents to her name… that didn’t own anything except for her car which was still paying off and she only owned debt and she only owned a history of anorexia and bulimia and depression. I was constantly relating to every single time where I were stuffed up… every single time where I’m fooling on my face… And even when I was trying to do stuff, the fact was that I was rejecting that so much and so hard that it kept showing up and showing up and showing up ‘cause have you noticed the more you reject and you resist stuff, the more kind of stays here. So even though I thought I was looking out through these eyes of possibility, I was looking through a filter of everything that I’ve done and who I was.

Watch the whole video for the full message and let this message reverberates through your body… reverberate through your mind… reverberate through what you see as possible for YOU.

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