Behind the shiny personalities you see… there’s suffering.

What would it be like, if you were to 100%, completely, utterly and unconditionally. OWN and LOVE ALL of who you are?

ALL of it. To not have parts of yourself that you hide, that you reject. To not have parts of yourself that you feel guilty and ashamed about. For so many years I lived in the grips of self-rejection, anorexia, bulimia, perfectionism. You name it.. I used it to stuff down my truth.

I tried to make myself into something so that I’d finally accept me. I forced my body to be a certain shape. I forced my conversations to make people like me. I forced out this image to the world which was only a mere projection of an ideal I had in my head thinking that this new version of me would improve who I am. It didn’t. The only thing that it increased was the hollow feeling of disconnection.

This story is all too common. Behind the shiny personalities you see… there’s suffering.

People… please. It’s time to reclaim your truth. To take ownership back of your power. To choose all of who you are on every level—your body, your personality, your past, your mistakes, your triumphs, your lessons, your entire journey. It’s only when we drop the resistance to our self and our life, that our true power opens up.

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