Look, I know how you’ve been feeling on the inside. I know that there’s so much more you want, and that on some levels you’ve been feeling stuck as fuck. I know that you even get frustrated with yourself because in your cells, you KNOW that you’ve been playing at way less than what’s possible for you.

Some people are fine with settling. Many people live out their days, tolerating ‘less than’ experiences. And are relatively ok with it (mind you, that's debatable) But not you.

You KNOW you want more. There’s a hunger inside you, and sometimes the hunger gets so loud that it swings between frustration and excitement.

Excitement for what’s possible, and then frustration for

‘Why the hell am I not owning this?? Doing the thing?? Being all of me??’

And so you ‘try’ everything you can think of, but the accelerator only gets you so far before some invisible force jams on the breaks. Again. And then it's like your outstretched arms can’t quite reach what it is that you’ve been wanting.

And when you just manage to touch it with your fingertips..'poof' it moves. Out of reach again. And so to make sense of the frustration, you tell yourself the stories that you do...

The ones that have you believe that maybe you have to ‘wait’. That maybe, somehow, you have to ‘earn your stripes’. And that struggle is an essential part of it.. And that it has to be a long and slow process… and you go to bed, dreaming of ‘one day’

One - day - when - you’ll - finally - get - it

One day when you’ll finally get to be the person that you know you can be

One day when you’ll finally get to move past this fear, and then when that happens, then you’ll step out

One day, when something finally shifts - when the stars align, the ducks are in a row and mercury retrograde sorts her shit out.. THEN you’ll be able to finally do what you want, and be the person that you know you can be

But until then… (fades off into distant music, the screen slowly fades to black)

.. you’ve been replaying this old story for quite sometime now, haven’t you?

And because of this story that's been stuck on repeat, who you know you can be, keeps getting put off.

And off. And off. And off.

For another year, another month, another week, another ‘Monday morning’

When I was a Registered Nurse (in my previous lifetime!), Id nurse people who were at the end of their life. People who had days, weeks or months to live. Can you imagine the conversations? I heard thousands of conversations of REGRET. All the stuff that they regretted. It came down to two categories of regret. The things they regretted not doing, and ultimately, the person they regretted not BEING

If who you KNOW you can be, doesn’t match up to who you’re actually being.. Well.. it sucks

Time and time again, these beautiful people, would tell me (their nurse) about how they regretted not BEING the person that they knew they could’ve been. They said that there was always some reason on why they couldn't be that person. And that the reasons always seemed real. and valid. Until…..

On their deathbed, when they realised, that it was all just… (hear this next bit with a loud-speaker)

MOTHER FUCKING FEAR (of course I could’ve said ‘fear’ on it's own without the swearing. But it wouldnt have done justice to the depth of what these people were dealing with, looking down the barrel of their life coming to an end. Their days numbered, with all the things that “COULD’VE BEEN” hanging over them like a heavy blanket

I remember feeling that way myself. Feeling like I wasn't being the person I could be.

It was like there was a ‘next level me’ up on a shelf somewhere, and I wasn't allowed to play with her

And I was waiting for someone to give me permission, to say “yes Kate, you’re allowed to play like that in the world”. But that permission never came.

Until, I finally realised.. There there IS no boxes to get ticked, permission to be sought, things to be achieved.. BEFORE I could BE the next level me that Id always dreamed of

And I DECIDED fuck until’

… I was going to BE it all and have it all

I DECIDED that I would BE the leader I dreamed of

I DECIDED that Id have the quality of relationships I truly craved

and ONLY relationships of that quality

I DECIDED how I would FEEL about myself

I DECIDED that standards that my life would operate from


‘DECISION’ is NOT a piss in the wind kind of thing

And so I simply became UNAVAILABLE for anything else

And guess what happened?

All that stuff that I decided, became my reality

And I realised, that what’s standing in the way of where people are at, and the version of their life that they’re craving.. Is a simple fucking decision..

We DO NOT have to wait for ducks, permission, external circumstances or an absence of bloody mercury retrograde

.. it's ALL available RIGHT NOW

for those who SAY YES

Over the next 15 days, we’re going to go DEEP on the mindset and energetics of becoming the NEXT LEVEL YOU, NOW

Here’s what we’ll be diving deep into over these 15 days together…

· HOW to get clearly connected to WHO the next level you is, and what she’s asking of you NOW

Every version of you, exists right now. It’s NOT something that you have to wait for or put on hold. Im going to teach you HOW to get clearly connected to that next level you, and BE HER NOW. Not next week, not next month, and not next year.. NOW

· the daily practices that anchor into your NOW reality, the future that you’re stepping into

You’re going to learn in depth the daily practices that have YOU operating at and being at your fullest capacity, so damn DONE DEAL. these daily practices will crack you open to your capacity, and connect you powerfully with the version of you that's the most powerful (remember, she already exists, now and at all times.. There IS no having to wait for this!).

· how to activate FAITH in the moment when fear could easily rise up

This is not to say that you’ll be eliminating fear (that'd be weird) .... What I AM saying is that you’ll be able to deeply activate FAITH in the moments when fear’s lurking. So that those moments, instead of being something that contract you… actually EXPAND you.. They call you to ACTIVATE faith and in doing so, build the muscle of remembering WHO YOU DAMN WELL ARE..

· releasing ‘the thing’ that's been holding you back

Yes THAT thing. The thing that's been lurking in the background… with a weird gravitational pull holding you back. It's time to release its power over you. So that YOU’re the one in the driver’s seat. YOU YOU YOU

· The mindset and energetics of BEING the next level you

Oh my gawwwwdddddd. So much yes to this. How you’re ‘being’ is EVERYTHING thats your point of attraction. It shapes your perspectives and literal ability to SEE solutions. It's also your energetic set point (which IS everything to do with your point of attraction), and…. everything else. This IS it. This is pretty much the whole course right here. EVERYTHING springboards and ripples off this… We’ll be going DEEP on this… PLUS you’ll also have activation audios so you can recode EVERY DAY

· Having it be ‘done fucking deal’

Most people are so bloody negotiable on how they get to live their life, because they havent made it DONE DEAL. we’re going to talk about the energetics and glorious magic of DECISION.. And how DECISION calls forth your power, and actually makes things EASIER for you. Because, once it's ‘done deal’.. The hard parts over.. THEN you just get to align, and have it be fun

· You get to have it be easy

Yesssssss… once you’ve made it ‘done fucking deal’.. You get to have it be EASY. because honestly, the hard bit is when you’re going round in your head, backwards and forwards.. Battling with yourself. Once you’ve decided and taken the battle off the table.. You get to have it be easy!! We’ll be diving into how you get to have things BE EASY and in flow.. And how letting go of the resistance is actually a choice (and there are tools to help you choose it too)

· Partner yourself, instead of abandon yourself!

Over and over and over I teach to my high level VIP clients how to really and truly partner themselves. You’re going to get an entire full training on HOW to partner yourself.. where we’ll go deep on what this actually means AND how to do it in the moment, every moment, and always…

· Shifting into alignment in the moments when old stagnant shit’s lurking

What do you do IN THE MOMENTS that it counts (cause actually, that's when it DOES count). THIS is where your muscles get built like titanium. THIS is where you claim who you are and what you will have and not have. It's THESE moments where you get to ACTIVATE FAITH and take BOLD ALIGNED ACTION from the highest level version of yourself.. And when that happens..

· Moving through the contractions in a way that causes UNPRECEDENTED EXPANSION

I remember giving birth to my 12 pound baby (natural vaginal birth with no pain relief *takes a bow*), and I was so pushed beyond my edge that they edge was gone. I was facing off with my own (perceived) limits.
I came out of it IN AWE of who I am and my power. Hear this… THE CONTRACTIONS DON'T LAST!! And when you hit a contraction, giving up is as dangerous as it is in childbirth. Im going to teach you HOW to go THROUGH the contractions in a way that CALLS FORTH EXPANSION. This means that you’ll never run from them again, and in fact, you’ll embrace them with a ‘bring it the fuck on’ attitude that communicates to the world “UN-FUCKING-STOPPABLE”

· YOU… BEING the person that CREATES the results, regardless.

Did you hear that last bit? R-E-G-A-R-D-L-E-S-S of what was happening outside of you. So instead of reacting to your external world, you further activated within you everything that you needed, and as a result.. Your external world bent to what YOU said. Yup… THAT'S what I mean by R-E-G-A-R-D-L-E-S-S

· BE a creative solutions machine

who uses roadblocks to activate innovation over contraction which essentially means that you become an unstoppable force to be reckoned with and someone who calls in EXPANSION and results. All the time, every time.

· Why ‘fake it til you make it’ doesnt empower, and what does instead..

‘Going first’ before the evidence is visible is NOT about ‘faking it til you make it’. Which can cause more activation stuff under the surface than anything else. We’re going to cover this.. AND… WHAT TO DO INSTEAD.. So that you’re GOING FIRST in a way that truly expands you

· HOW to call in the next level version of yourself so that it’s who you’re being NOW (not just an idea in the “someday future)

You already KNOW that there’s another version of you waiting for you to step into. I mean ‘hello’.. That's why you’re here on this page, reading this far. And you’ve known it for some time. BUT it's always been this ‘out of reach’ distant thing you cant quite connect to. Or lock down. So it stays out in your future, just out of reach. It's time to end that NOW.. and actually call in the next level version of yourself and BE HER NOW. Fully unapologetically, arrogantly, non-negotiably and unconditionally….. NOW

· PLUS we’ll be going super deep into HOW to use journaling as a tool to unlock everything that's available

Im going to teach you all about journaling - it's not just a brain dump place! It's a powerful activation tool that unlocks everything that's available you



I absolutely LOVE LOVE LOVE this audio. It's like a daily reset button that my high level clients use as their ‘go to’ reprogramming tool. You can use this special audio anytime, anywhere to shift resistance and fear, and clear yourself so that you can shift into alignment again. It's like a portable, reliable ‘reset’ button. Where you get to bring yourself back to a blank canvas, and from there.. You’re guided to recode… You’ll get this in an MP3 format that you can keep for life


You’re going to freakin LOVE this bonus, and use it every day to set you up powerfully

You get to keep this for life. It's my super special (and pretty freakin magical) MP3 ANCHOR & ACTIVATE TUNING IN process so that each and every day you can use this special audio recording to guide you through exactly how to set yourself up powerfully for the day. It’ll guide you to powerfully ground yourself - this is so important for your energy and core stability throughout the day with all the change work that you’ll be going through. It’ll also have you CONNECT to your centre, so that throughout the day, you’re ANCHORED deeply

As well as having you be ANCHORED and grounded, it’ll also ACTIVATE your connection to source. Which is all about activating creativity

Over time, using this MP3, your energetic field becomes stronger and stronger (so it creates a compound affect over time!)

What you’re getting here is LITERALLY everything I know and personally use on rapid SYSTEM UPGRADING to allow you to make tangible shifts, now

Im sharing it ALL with you and holding absolutely nothing back

What you’ll be learning during this 15 days.. Is the stuff that's only ever been available to my high level VIP Clients…. up until now


I know that what I'm about to say isn't exactly a logistical matter, however it IS a requirement and therefore needs to be mentioned FIRST



The NEXT LEVEL YOU, requires fun


Flow is NEXT LEVEL YOU, and fun and flow go hand in hand. So that's that.

We kick off on Friday 24th August with our FIRST LIVE TRAINING at 11am Bali time

This training will be a super deep dive, and live streamed directly into the private NEXT LEVEL YOU, NOW Facebook group where you can join in live (comment or ask questions as we go) OR watch it on replay later

Over the 15 days….

…. I’ll be dropping all the trainings for you to dive deep into

There’ll be bonus activation audios

Lots and lots of new journaling prompts to support high level daily recoding

PLUS BONUS trainings and audios that I’ll be adding as we go (based on what Im seeing you need)



ALL of the deep dive trainings

ALL the activation audios

ALL the bonuses

… you’ll get to keep for LIFE!

During the 15 days you’ll have full access to the NEXT LEVEL YOU, NOW facebook group that’ll be open for the duration of the program.

This is where you can get support as you go and ask me ANY questions along the way

This level of support is totally invaluable!

and from all that, here’s what you’ll actually be getting as RESULTS in your own life…

>> Full fucking permission to BE yourself at the next level, with absolutely zero dialling yourself down or apologising for your bright glorious shine


>> Having this level be your new base normal, meaning that you’ll be operating FROM this space, which means...

>> RESULTS BABY!!! you’ll be creating results at an entirely NEW LEVEL. Simply because you’ll be BEING different .. you’ll be creating at a new level. In part it's energetics (well, it's ALL energetics).. However my point here is that your energetics will transform your point of attraction which means NEW RESULTS..

>> Plus you’ll be actually taking ALIGNED ACTION .. which means.. Results at the level that you want, becomes your new normal

It's really quite simple really. I don't know why it's been made so damn hard? Overcomplicated. Confused? When at it's core.. It's the simplist most natural thing to do

To BE at your highest

To BE at your most creative

To BE fully self expressed

To BE someone who grows and expands

These are our natural states. And this is about bringing you to what you’ve already known, all along. Activating within you whats ALREADY inside of you

THAT'S why there’ll be no ‘fake it til you make it’ round here….

You don't need to



so let’s go ACTIVATE IT

….. NOW

Everything that you’re going to learn here is what Ive only ever reserved for my high ticket coaching clients who pay me tens of thousands of dollars, so I genuinely didnt know what to price this at, initially. I could’ve easily have put a thousand bucks on the course.

HOWEVER, the whole reason that Im creating this, IS because it's exciting me to offer something of such EXTREME value, with literally the entire system upgrade blueprint! (you’re going to love it) and have it be so damn accessible. I played with $500 and $300.. However, the instructions for this were clear

And sooooo.. Here it is EVERYTHING I know about full system upgrading

EVERYTHING that I’ve used myself that's gotten me the best results

And EVERYTHING that I teach my high level clients to use

And you get to keep it ALL for life

Both the trainings, and the results

PLUS if you’re in the top 20 people to register.. You’ll ALSO get the EXPERTS TRAINING PACK worth $490!!

(details for this hot TOP 20 BONUS are under the buttons!)