An important question to ask yourself as you’re creating 2017


Gratitude for that life loves you enough that is giving you these lessons and opportunities for growth.

Are you gap-focused or gratitude-focused?

Are you focusing on the gaps in your life… of where you have to be—I gotta be there. I gotta do it… I gotta do it… I gotta do it… I gotta get there… I gotta get there… I gotta get there…

With the absence of actually feeling gratitude… feeling appreciation… feeling noticing of these things. Here’s the thing. I get it ‘coz I’ve been very gap-focused myself. Driving to the next thing—gotta create… gotta create… gotta create… Now, that creates success. Yeah… You’ve achieved a lot of success by that which is why it’s rewarding… but that in the absence of gratitude… that in the absence of appreciation, it’s devoid of meaning.

See… The thing is, we can live a life constantly getting to the next place… that being our pure focus. But there’s gonna be a hollowness. If that’s gonna be our entire focus, but there’s gonna be a hollowness in the end that will have the experience overgrow… so you can either choose appreciation and gratitude now or you can choose regret in the end. It’s entirely up to you.

I know I’ve lived most of my life driven without the meaning. So my my invitation to you… if you have been that person that you’ve been constantly about the drive… the where you need to get to… and wherever way that is. My invitation to you is to remember to put the meaning back in… to experience that juiciness and how you wanna experience it. And here’s a couple of ways that you can like, remember the juiciness back in.

One thing is gratitude. Like gratitude for your life as it is right now, for even the little things. Like you know.. I get massive gratitude for this kind of environment—how beautiful is this… Gratitude for the blessings that are showing up ’cause they are everywhere, just often we missed them ’cause our focus is on the gaps in our life.

Gratitude and appreciation for where we’ve actually come from… like I know for a fact.. you’ve been through stuff… you had times in your life where you had to actually step up, own your own power and total moments of courage and triumph over whatever you’re facing… and you’ve got through that… and you grew past that… You know, look at those moments and have massive gratitude for the courage you had and what lessons did you get through them. Gratitude for that life loves you enough that is giving you these lessons and opportunities for growth.

Whatever it that shifts you into gratitude and appreciation… even whether it’s play… play in any form. You know as adults, we just don’t experience play enough. Whatever it is, it’s gonna remind you to drop in to that level of meaning… that level of juice… and play… and gratitude… and appreciation… do it. I don’t care how crazy or weird or how much it has you stop from the treadmill of life… there’s nothing more important than being alignment with your soul and these are the things that get you in alignment with your soul… ’cause when you shift into alignment and then you create from there… guess what… that’s stuff, it will have a fire underneath that makes the getting of it so much more… deeply juicy… and deeply meaningful. And then, when you get there in the end… the joy will be long lasting.

Cause here’s the other thing… when we just drive for an outcome and we don’t experience our juice along the way… when we get that outcome, the feeling of feeling good is temporary. And then it wears off and we’ll be like… holy sh*t—is this all there is.

Please… whatever it is today—stop… Appreciate your life. Really get grateful for the blessings that you already have… and remember the journey you’ve been on.

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