My ‘JDI Strategy’ for busting procrastination on ALL levels!

I had a tonne of fun filming this video…!

My sense of humor aside.. This is something I’m passionate about teaching people.. How to overcome procrastination and take action on those big dreams and goals that can at times have as paralyzed and in ‘non-action’ mode!

To powerfully deal with procrastination & be able to just ‘JDI’ it happens on a number of levels.. healing the patterns inside us that want to keep us stuck in old comfort zones and old levels of ‘playing’ in our life. Not only do we help people to release these internal barriers.. we also help people to put in place structures that support taking action on those BIG commitments, projects and goals..  When we set up our environment for success and our ‘world’ supports our actions…  ‘Just Doing It’ becomes an absolute no-brainer..

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