Have you noticed that there’s not always a lot of support for us guys? As men, we can have a lot on our shoulders and not always the avenues to voice our concerns, or have the real places to talk beyond drinking beer,
or others trying to peacock themselves. How do you figure out relationships? Women? What your next steps are in life? How to stop doing those things that you feel stuck in and maybe even addicted to. And what about friendships?
Like really SOLID friendships where the conversation is not just about pissing into the wind.

It's about what’s really important, and you can ask the questions that you’ve been wanting to ask.
A place where NOTHING is off the table, sex, pornorgraphy, masculinity, women, relationships, communication, commitment, career, goals. AND where you can get guided through these conversations and find your way back to your own truths (not just what society tells you to believe, but what really feels right for YOU).
And how do you start looking after yourself more. Eating great food, challenging yourself physically and stretching your mind.

During this fully immersive 5 day experience, you’ll be guided and supported every step of the ways you come up against THE thing that’s been blocking you. Because beyond that, holy heck, it’ll blow your mind what becomes available…exciting huh. Are you ready?

We’re so committed to connecting men with this work (as we’ve seen first hand how it transforms personal lives, with hugely positive flow on effects in relationships, families and how men feel about themselves.
Because of this, we’re delighted to announce the opening up the 2018 Masculine Man Scholarships.

On this page you can apply for a Masculine Man Scholarship.

1st Prize Winner will receive a $23,000 Scholarship which includes a Full Scholarship to attend the Masculine Man Retreat in 2018.

In this you’ll receive...

5 Days / 4 Nights of Leadership Training & Coaching

ALL activities at the Masculine Man Retreat will be paid for by us, including: private yoga, private martial arts training, luxury massages and so much more

4 Nights of Luxury Accommodation

ALL your meals and drinks included for 5 Days / 4 Nights

Airport Transfers

BONUS: x2 tickets to GameChangerLive Bali
- The Advanced Leadership Experience (Value $14,000)

BONUS: Private Leadership Coaching Package
(Value $3,000)

BONUS: 3 Months Membership to Expansion School
(Value $300)

2nd Scholarship Recipients receive an exclusive $17,800 Scholarship including $3,000 towards their tuition at the Masculine Man Retreat

Plus they’ll also receive:

A ticket for yourself to attend our Advanced Leadership Training, GameChangerLive Bali (Value $7,000)

A ‘Bring a Friend’ ticket to our Advanced Leadership Training, GameChangerLive Bali (Value $7,000)

3 Months Membership in Expansion School (Value $300)

$23,000 Scholarship - 1st Prize

$17,800 Scholarship - 2nd Prize

Competition applications close on February 12th 2018

Scholarship winners will be announced February 13th 2018

THIS is why…

The Masculine Man Retreat purely exists to support you. You’ll be both stretched AND supported physically, mentally and spiritually over the five days. You’ll find out who you are, and drop who you aren’t.
You’ll get to create YOUR next steps. Strip away the shit that's not working for you and create YOUR next steps (Henare will support you fully in doing this). 

You’ll get to do things that you’ve never done before, have conversations and coaching that you’ve never had before, with the intention of you becoming more of who you are. And, you’ll have a shit load of fun while you’re doing it. What we’ve got planned for you during the five days.. Is pretty damn fucking cool. You’re going to dig it.

A gifted intuitive coach, spiritual teacher & breakthrough trainer

Together with his wife, Kate—they are known as Australasia's #1 Transformational Leadership Couple and produce the World’s Biggest Personal Development Summit collaborating annually with over 100 of the greatest thought leaders of our generations—Jack Canfield, Gregg Braden, T Harv Eker, Brendon Burchard, Marci Shimoff, Dr. John Demartini, Dr. Joe Dispenza, Michael Bernard Beckwith and many many more.

Henare comes from a long line of New Zealand Maori Tohunga (Shaman) and has gifts in seeing into the
non-physical world. Seeing the dark that wants to be illuminated into the light. His own struggles have brought him to the edge of his own life. And his subsequent journey of embracing both the dark and light within, has led him to understanding that with love, we can come home to all of who we are.

After a professional basketball career (and professional drinking career), Henare stopped rejecting the pains brewing underneath, that nearly claimed his life, and began acknowledging the journey that he was called to. Over the years, he's been directly trained and coached by luminary greats such as Neale Donald Walsh (author of Conversations With God), and Jack Canfield (America's #1 Success Coach). In 2002,
he travelled throughout Europe with beloved teachers Dr. Wayne Dyer, and Louise Hay and now mentors many of the industry's biggest names in personal development from his home in Bali where he lives with his wife and spiritual partner, Kate, and their two children. Together they run their global GameChanger programs which has people flying in from all around the world to attend. Each year, they collaborate with the likes of Brendon Burchard, Gay Hendricks, T Harv Eker, Michael Bernard Beckwith and many more of the industry greats on their annual expert panel.



You’ll be staying in a luxury private villa in Bali with Henare who will be training and coaching you every day. This way you’ll have great access to Henare over the days. As it will be a small and intimate retreat, you’ll have A LOT of access to Henare over this time for coaching and training.


All your meals during your stay with us in the Villa will be provided. We’re talking here, ultra yummy and healthy food, available the whole time you’re here. Great drinks and fresh juices so that even your cells are nourished during your stay!


Ok, buckle in for this.. We’re including A LOT of fabulous things for you that you might not usually get to experience.Even though we’re goes, we’re going to be looked after REALLY well. You’ll be massaged and pampered (to unwind and de-stress), have private Kickboxing sessions (to improve your fitness, have fun and maybe even extend you?), private Yoga sessions (to get your endorphins flowing, stretch you out, and challenge you physically in a different way), and some other activities that we’ll keep as a surprise, aaaand that you’re really going to love!!!! It's ALL included!!!!!!


You’ll be trained and coached every day by Henare, plus you’ll also be living with Henare during your stay in the Villa, and so will have close access to him during that time for additional conversations and coaching to help you remove your blocks, and shape what it is that you’re wanting.


This is such a unique experience, as usually the Retreats we run are a similar price, and have 80 people in the room. The Masculine Man’s Retreat is the opportunity to LIVE with Henare for 5 days, and because it's such a small group, you’ll have very close access to him and his coaching during that time.

The only things you’ll have to do yourself is get yourself to Bali and cover your own travel insurance. Once you’re done that, everything else is on us for those 5 days… we’ll even pick you up from the airport with a private driver!!


5:30 a.m.

You wake up in your private air-conditioned room in the Luxury Villa. It's already warm outside, and you can hear the insects and birds chirping.

6:00 a.m.

You arrive at the Kickboxing centre and have an hour where you’re trained and stretched to go to YOUR next level physically.

8:30 a.m.

You’re all showered and your endorphins are pumping from the kickboxing session. You, Henare and some of the guys are sitting around the table digging into a delicious breakfast. The coffee is brewing and one of our team is asking you if you’d like to have a massage in your room tonight?

9:30 a.m.

You and the other guys are settled in on the couches. The whiteboards are set up, and Henare is taking you through some trainings. You’re having conversations that you’ve been needing, but you didn’t even realize you needed them. It's resonating. Kinda like an old itch that’s finally getting scratched.

12:30 p.m.

More REALLY good food is getting laid out on the table and you can smell the coffee brewing.. just before you all head over there to eat, Henare gives you your tasks for the next 24 hours…

1:30 p.m.

After lunch (shit that was good!).. The car arrives, and you all head off together for a surprise. Henare doesnt tell you what’s happening, instead he just tells you to bring ‘old clothes’

4:30 p.m.

Heading back in the car… WHAAAAAT!! That was soooo much fun. It feels good to be connected with a group of guys who are awesome. Where every type of masculinity is embraced, and no conversations are off the table. And now, you’re hungry!

6:00 p.m.

Quick shower and off to dinner, Henare takes you guys to an amazing place that’s like nothing you’ve seen before in your home country. It's amazing. Over dinner you all have more conversations from what you talked about earlier that day.

8:30 p.m.

You get back just in time because your massage therapist is arriving, she sets up your room for your massage treatment and you have a luxury massage in your room to finish the night off.


These 5 days in Bali will be an incredible experience. Breakthrough coaching, martial arts, great company, luxury accommodation, massages, conversations and experiences that will remain with you

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