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from Kate & Henare O'Brien

Creators of GameChanger & GameChangerLive | Australasia's #1 Transformational Leadership Couple Founders of GameChanger Global Summit - The World's Largest Personal Development Summit


Just $25!!

You’ll get a FULL LIFETIME PASS ($7,725 Value).... FOR JUST $25

In exchange for this teeny tiny miniscule investment, we're giving you 21 days of mentoring, training and support, which includes access to our VIP Membership site, where you’ll find a treasure trove of workshops and trainings from both myself and Global Experts on topics such as happiness, success, financial wealth, relationships, sex and intimacy, spirituality and human development.

Let's be really direct here. MOST people are only living a tiny fraction of their lives, while pretending that they’ve got it all sorted. What would it be like if you were to expand at both edges. Let me explain. Firstly, the top edge... where you really play inside of an extraordinary life. Lifting the lid on what’s possible for you. While ALSO expanding the bottom edge. Your truth. Depending into the truth of YOU. Owning ALL of who you are. The result. A seriously magical life. (Not the one where you’re in a semi-conscious coma).

Do any of these situations sound familiar?

You’re hungry for change, and you’re craving a supportive space where people are really taking themselves on AND (so importantly), being damn well real in the process (fake achievement, yuck!)

You’re sick of pretend ‘guru’ stuff, where you’re learning from people who’re only showing you one side of themselves (the marketed version) while they keep the rest of themselves hidden away from public in fear that they’ll come off the pedestal.

Your life is actually awesome, in many ways. You’ve ticked a lot of the boxes. BUT… you feel that aching on the inside that constantly reminds you that you’ve settled. Shit, when did that happen?

YOU are used to showing just one side of yourself to the world. Maybe you’re the ‘nice person’ or the… “--[--insert whatever role you’ve labelled yourself with--]--”. And you KNOW that’s not all of who you are. Except, HOW do you shift that??? You feel the frustration building underneath but can’t show it because it doesn't align with what's ‘ok’.

You KNOW that you’ve got alot to contribute and create in this world, and then that sneaky self doubt creeps in and tells you stories that have you stuck in overwhelm and perfection, where you spin your wheels and feel trapped.

What if you could...

Voice your truth so clearly and boldly, that even you’re inspired by the depth of who you are.

See that ‘stuff’ that’s coming up for what it is so that instead of holding you back, it actually expands you.

You try time after time to change… only to run into roadblocks that cause you to end up taking 10 steps back instead of moving forward…

Feel so supported and encouraged that when you say you’re going to do something or create something, people start high-fiving you and cheering you on.

Be reminded of your greatest self in those moments when you doubt yourself, and doubt your abilities, so that that noise of doubt in your head, actually gets replaced by your voice of truth.

Play inside a space where imperfections are celebrated just as much as playing it big (big sigh of relief, no needing to pretend here).

Be ALL of who you are. Like REALLY. Honoring it ALL (including the parts that you’ve most wanted to hide).




So now what?


Life was NOT meant to be experienced in a semi-coma-like-state

Unfortunately, most people in our lives enable our smallness and justify our excuses.

Imagine instead.. having a supercharged family and supercharged mentors in your life on a daily basis.

People that truly SEE YOU as YOUR biggest self Who call for YOUR SUCCESS and remind you to STEP UP and out of the old stories that’ve kept you stuck and into the next level of your greatness.


Here’s a quick peek at what’s waiting for you…

Regular Live Mentoring From Us Both

Most days we do LIVE MENTORING inside the GameChangerVIP space on whatever topic seems the MOST needed that day for the VIP family. This is your daily re-focus & re-charge. Some days it may even be a loving kick in the rear (we’ll lather my toes with kisses first before we deliver the boot). These daily AHA moments will help you reconnect to what’s important for you and have you be in alignment with your soul. Think of them as your regular ‘JUICE UP’ sessions. Kind of like a freshly squeezed daily ‘Kale, Spinach & Ginger Juice’ - your cells crave it, you know it’s good for you…. and yes, you can feel the kick.

Live Coaching and Training

Twice per month, we do a LIVE Master Training and deep dive into topics and distinctions that matter the most. Many of these we have a top guest expert along for the journey to impart their nuggets. We discuss money, happiness, personal expansion, spirituality, health, communication, playing big, self love.. and so much more. The thing is, you don't have to figure all this stuff out on your own. Here you’ll have constant support. Ask questions, and we'll dive deep together. Every session gets recorded with replays in case you can't make it live...

Private coaching with Kate & Henare O'Brien starts at $700/session. Being a VIP is an incredible opportunity to get weekly training with them, for the price of a gym membership!

Two Workshops Per Month Emailed To You

These will be sent straight to you every 2 weeks. They’re each designed to give you the tools & strategies to be applying on a daily, weekly basis in your life, as you continue to expand and uplevel.

With these easy-to-consume, fortnightly trainings, you'll have the inspiration, motivation & strategies to keep stepping out of old limiting patterning & conditioning… showing you how to expand even more into your truth and power.

And again, these are just some of the bonuses! And by joining today, you can have immediate access to all of these (21 Days Access Equates To Over $7,725 Value) FOR JUST $25

But that's not all...

Be Mentored by Global Experts


You’ll be learning with Jack Canfield, John Gray, Marci Shimoff, Brendon Burchard, Michael Bernard Beckwith & many many more for mind expanding conversations to uplift, inspire and expand you.

Full Access to Our GameChanger VIP Community

THIS is where the magic happens. The GameChangers rave about how supportive, encouraging and special this Family is. People are honest, open and willing to show themselves from behind the social mask. It’s a POTENT space of sharing, breakthroughs and change which is always filled with honesty and encouragement.

We’re all inside Facebook - so you can access your VIP family anytime for inspiration, sharing and support.


So you get it all...

Regular Live Mentoring (Most Days)

2 Weekly Live Master Coaching and Training Calls

Special Workshops Unlocked Within the Membership Site

Access the Expert Library - Over 150 Trainings from the SuperStar Thought Leaders

Full Access to the GameChanger VIP Community



Let me tell you...

We are SO clear.. That having FULL, ONGOING support is KEY to making lasting change in your life and continually upleveling yourself. We created this space, to provide just that. The ULTIMATE space of massive, consistent support and love (it's the space we wish was provided for us).

We also know that not everyone can access our private coaching (which ranges between $5K - $30K). And we know that not everyone is willing to invest at the level to which we do in our own training (we’ve invested over $500,000.00 in my own training to be able to support people at the level to which I do). So THAT’S why we created this space. Massive ongoing mentoring, training and support, at the cost of a gym membership. Which makes sense, as this really is a gym membership for your LIFE, your MIND, and your SOUL.

We want YOU to experience it all for a full 21 days. And we have a hunch. We reckon you’re going to love it so much, that you’ll want to stay. If you by any chance you don't, all good! Simply flick an email to our VIP Manager, and she’ll cancel your membership that day with no questions asked and we’ll send you lots of love on your journey.

AND if you do love it… (and we think you will), you’ll automatically be renewed at our special member price of just $25/week.

A teeny tiny amount…

Especially when you compare it to the level of value, training and support you’ll get (over $10,300 worth of training and mentoring EVERY month!!)


As cliched as what it sounds, you really do have nothing to lose (except $25!!) and SO much to expand into…


PS: This offer closes really soon. So join right now while it’s fresh on your mind…


Here's what our members are saying...

"Their approach is unique, their message is powerful and they have a heart for people bigger than I have ever experienced."

Kate and Henare O’Brien are unquestionably New Zealand’s top personal development coaches. They are formidable force, impacting thousands of lives through their work.

Anyone who has been fortunate enough to attend of their events, watch any of their free videos or be a part of their transformational programs understands just how powerful their work is.

They find the perfect balance between spiritual guidance and practical application of their dreams and aspirations in life. They are not afraid to confront people right to the core and challenge them to pull through and make the shift.

During my first seminar with Kate and Henare, I witnessed the power of their impact as a team — everyone in the room was transformed or changed over that weekend. With well over 100 attendees, I was impressed they could articulate a message that made sense to people who had probably never spoken to a coach before right through to those of us who actively invest in coaching and personal development.

Their approach is unique, their message is powerful and they have a heart for people bigger than I have ever experienced.

If you are looking to communicate the coaching message out to the masses — these two are the best examples of how to do it.


Challenges me constantly to step into the man I am. To no longer hide out or play small. To step up and lead like I know I am here for.

These two are so individualistic in how they show up in this world, the space they hold, the questions they present, the love and genuine devotion they show to me and everyone else that allows their support in and it is honestly beyond words. I have overwhelming gratitude for the both of them and their presence in my life.If you are lucky enough to be receiving support from either of them, you know exactly what I’m referring too. 

There has been many moments where I’ve wanted to tell Henare to “Go F Himself” out of sheer frustration with myself for not understanding the depth of what he was sharing but every single time the learnings come when I give them space to arise. He challenges me constantly to step into the man that I am. To no longer hide out or play small. To step up and lead like I know I am here for.

I am constantly in awe of the genius that is Kate Maree O'Brien! The depth of her understanding of how we operate and shift up from old levels in life astounds me. I see a woman who is devoted to herself first and I understand how it can be so. I am deeply inspired by how non negotiable she is with her highest values and commitments in life. I absolutely adore how boldly she has claimed her space in this world and shows up consistently.

I see their rawness. I see their no BS attitude. I see their love for the world. I see their fear. I see their sorrow. I see their passion. I see them in all that they are as human. I love them for that.

So this is a HUGE thank you from me to you both for everything you hold me accountable to, for the way in which you challenge me, for constantly calling me out to step into my power and for just showing up in the world the way you do.


Founder of the Unconditional Tribe, speaking about his experience in GameChangerVIP

"The breakthroughs come hard and fast."

It's totally different to anything else. The level of the conversation, the level that Kate and Henare hold everyone to. You’re always being challenged to step up. The breakthroughs come hard and fast. Be prepared to see yourself, it's scary but it's worth it. On one of the group calls, Henare didn't even know that I was there, but it was like he was specifically talking to me. All the stuff came up for me, stuff I didn't even know was in there. It was like ‘whoa’. It was a totally different experience than I've ever had. Given the huge breakthroughs and transformation, I've experienced working with them in this online space, I can’t even imagine what it would be like to work with them in person.


Entrepreneur & Accountability Coach

"'s the next step."

If you want a program to push you to step into being the best you to really grow you and help you step into who you are and not apologize for it, then this is where you need to be. It has allowed me to step into my own space. It's allowing me to move through at a pace that's good for me but still pushes me how I need to be pushed. GameChangerVIP is allowing me to really accept me for ALL that I am. It has been empowering. This is that NEXT STEP for people who have done ‘everything else’. This level of conversation isn't for everyone. If you’re looking to grow and really find that path within yourself and to be comfortable with it and venture out into a whole other space that you didn't know existed, and pushed into that space, then this is where you need to go. I love you guys, your vulnerability, honesty and truthfulness. The spirituality part of it is what I've been searching for but didn't know I was searching for it.


Holistic Registered Nurse & Entrepreneur

"If you show up, it will definitely change your life!"

It’s definitely a GameChanger! It’s definitely something I would recommend anyone to do. I love the community, it’s a really safe place, people can talk about anything, your deepest fears or your big inspirations with people who are like-minded and on a similar journey. For so long, I was like a boat with no oars, getting pushed around by other people’s opinions, now through GameChanger, I’m really starting to listen to what’s right for me and trust myself in new and deeper ways. It’s also impacted my relationship with my partner, I’m doing things with more love, and my partner has really noticed. Nothing’s changed on the outside, but things are really shifting on the inside! If you show up, it will definitely change your life.


"I just want to scream—do it! do it! do it!"

The space that I was in before I started working with them was VERY different to the space I am in now. If you’re on the fence and thinking about working with these guys, I would say.. IF you are up for massive massive long term, long lasting, transformation and connection to yourself and your life... THAT is what these guys provide for. I just want to scream—Do it! Do it! Do it!


Self Love Empowerment Coach

"The breakthroughs happen at a high rate..."

Lots of amazing revelations. It has the ability to go very deep, very quick, which I felt quite surprising. There’s a lot of freedom within the program for people to be and do who they need to be, and yet within that, there’s this invisible safety that you can feel. The change in the space happens really really quickly. The program operates at a high rate and the breakthroughs happen at that high rate also.



When does the program start? And how do I get started?

What happens after the 21-day trial?

Do I have to stay for a certain period of time? (Answer = No!)

How do I cancel?

Do I need to use Skype to participate in the coaching calls?

I’m just here for the 21-Day trial. I do not want to be automatically renewed.

You can cancel your membership from GameChanger VIP at any time. However, we highly encourage you to stay on for at least 90 days to fully see and experience the real value of the program.