Kate Maree O'Brien is a visionary, and global voice for bold leadership, playing it big & living from truth. Her playful, ‘take no shit’ attitude, calls people to move beyond any smallness, stuckness & limitation, to play life at a way more juicy level. Kate’s a powerful stand for what’s possible when we each choose.

After coming through tremendous challenges (including drug addiction, anorexia & depression), Kate became a recognized national leader in her field as a registered nurse, speaking at international health conferences, being nominated for a special regional health award for her national work in training doctors & nurses throughout New Zealand as powerful change agents & was a finalist for the New Zealand Emerging Speaker of the Year in 2013. She received high accolades for her work as a national project manager with her work being featured at national conferences.

Despite a thriving career, and with her dream job offer on the table, Kate let it all go to follow the internal nudge that led her here today.

She’s since created a global company specialising in empowering women’s leadership and has a team of 12 full-time employees with two head Leadership Coaches who assist on some of her programs. Kate leads trainings and workshops globally, including her five-day advanced leadership breakthrough experience with over 100 people going deep for 5 days.

You can find Kate on all the socials and Youtube @KateMareeOBrien.

Skype ID: kateobrien30