How we keep our relationship fresh (SHOWING UP Ep 14)


Epic relationships are nurtured

Every 8 weeks, we fly to a new country and have our ‘king & queen weekend’ away together. I talk a ton about having quality time apart from each other, and the power of that within a relationship (I have my own time away regularly). its also EQUALLY important to have quality time TOGETHER. in this video we have a bit of fun talking about creativity, fun, following your own path (not being held back by others opinions), and allowing 5-star gorgeousness in.

Life is here to be lived. period.

One of my most ‘profound’ learnings through my years of ‘personal development’ is to come at life with a little more fun, and a little less serious.

New episodes of ShowingUp are released every week as regular reminders to us all to drop the rules, excuses and barriers to ShowingUp for ourselves at the highest level while ALSO giving ourselves permission to be total and utter human beings in the process..

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