The person we actually need to open our heart back up is ourselves.

So how it is that we open our heart back up when it is being closed for so long. We’ve all had things in our lives that had hurt us. Some of those hurt so deep that the way in which we protect ourselves is that we shut off our hurt spaces like we build a wall around us so that behind of that barricade, no one can get in. No one can hurt you again when your wall is really big and thick and got arms guard around us.

But here’s the thing, from behind them, it’s so painful being cut off when your heart is closed. I get it. We’ve done that that to protect ourselves but what we don’t realize is that then becomes a prison.

See the person we actually need to open our heart back up too first, is ourselves. Whatever is coming up is a part of you that’s been hiding for so long. It’s a journey but I promise you, like the freedom on the other side, is so beautiful and part of that, is being able to own and choose everything that comes up for you. It is worth it.

I wish you so much love as you are to open you heart back up. First of all, open your heart back up to yourself.

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Go now! Look in the mirror. Let’s do this!

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