How To Overcome Challenges (Obstacles As Opportunities)


How much do you really want this? How much are you willing to like step up and be resourceful rather than like just reacting to the resources that show up?

What would it be like if we are really related to our obstacles and we saw that the things that come up are opportunities for our growth, for what is it that we’re head to expand into. Most of the time though, we don’t experience that. That’s not the experience even though logically, we might agree with those Facebook quotes.

See, if there’s something that I really want that’s down there and it’s in the distance and I’m like—Men! I really want that thing! It’s just feel so juicy, it feels exciting and then like I get all pumped up and motivated and then I’m like, yeah I step out and I go to do it!

Here’s the thing, the universe tests us. We take that step and then something comes up to actually say—How much do you really want this? How much are you willing to like step up and be resourceful rather than like just reacting to the resources that show up?

See, every time we have obstacle that comes up, most people turn around and then just get stopped. Now, obstacles can look like something external happening in your external environment like—the money runs out, someone says no, the contract doesn’t come through, you don’t have permission in some kind of way from another external person or your partner doesn’t agree or your family thinks that it is a load of crap what you’re doing or you get some negative feedback or whatever happens in the external environment that has us go aaah! or it can be obstacles from the inside.

You know something inside of you saying that, this is just too hard. What the heck do you think you’re doing like seriously, what do you think you are that you can do this? I’m not good enough. I look out there and I see all these people who you know that could have nailed. Oh my goodness, you know I’m just so far away from there or whatever it is like this fear, this fear, this fear that comes up, it’s either external obstacle or internal obstacles.

Whatever the heck the obstacle is, guess what, that is just opportunities. Opportunities for you to actually expand who you are because when you expand, your perspective and you see more and you have the ability to whatever comes up in your life, like you can really step up and you can face it, you can dance with it, you can boogie with it. Guess what, there’s nothing that you can’t go nose-to-nose with toe-to-toe with. There’s nothing that will have you be stopped if what is it you really want has such a clear intention, has such a clear why, why the heck it’s so important for you to go for that thing like what is your stand that is gonna have you committed beyond your own personal comfort zone.

See, when you are clear on your stand, when you are clear on your intention and you are clear on the why that drives you, there’s nothing that could come up that would stop you. Those things that come up, that opportunities, because they expand how you’re being. They expand your internal resourcefulness and that’s why were are here for.

See, it’s not just getting the end result. It’s expanding who you are in the process. Whatever it is that you are facing in your life right now is an obstacle and your life right now whether it’s an external or internal, you could look at it from one point of view—This is a shit. I don’t want this in my life. Why does this keep happening to me? or you could be in a totally different point of view. You could ask yourself — how the heck am I gonna use this to grow myself?

You know what, this here is here for me and my highest good, my highest expansion and from that place, you are in a place to step up and be all of who you are.

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