How to Love Yourself Unconditionally


You have to be able to rise above the social conditioning. You have to go rise above the agreements that have been held for so long.

In today’s video tutorial, we’re gonna be washing away the stuff that we’ve been hiding behind to connect back into what is actually underneath.

So today, I’m going in with some deep inner work. Now, to apply deep inner work, what it takes is courage… then depending of what you are removing, you might need quite a bit.

So first thing we gonna remove today is that desperate need to be like… the one that says other people’s opinions of you are more important than anything else. So just go right ahead and wipe off that need for approval. Next, we’re gonna peel back any feelings of self-doubt… that background noise that tells you that you’re not enough… that you have to be someone that you’re not… it’s time for that to go. Next, we’re gonna remove everywhere that you have been hiding due to fear. You’ll find it in all the places where you’ve been heavily over-compensating… being over nice so that people like you… giving too much so that people rely on you… not voicing your truth so that people aren’t upset with you… not showing up in your truth because fundamentally, you are afraid that you are not enough.

Now, let’s go in with some self-love. We’ll be bring the self-love to all the areas where you feel that you have to improve yourself to be okay with yourself. Take that self-love to all the places that you are trying to get a better version of you… because the ‘who you are now’, you’re not okay with.

Look, the point of all these, get okay with you… choose your truth… own of who you are because you are magnificent… you are incredible as you are now.

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I’ll see you in the next video!

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