I HATE MYSELF (How to Begin the Steps Towards Self-Love)


I’m powerful. I’m loved. I do matter.

Those words of self-hate that whisper to you, that create internal damage. What if the damage they cause showed visibly on the outside—I’m not good enough. My voice doesn’t matter. She’s better than me. I’m powerless. I can’t make a difference. I’m a loser. I’ll never be good at anything. I’m ugly. I’ll always be alone. I’m unlovable.

See, these words, they’re weapons of self-destruction like a suicide bomber killing its host.

It’s time to neutralize the war with words of love.

Everyday, I’m learning to love myself just a little bit more. Hey, I’m still here showing up and that, that shows my immense courage. I’m learning to love all of me including my imperfections. I am powerful. I’m learning more and more how to own that. My voice matters. I’m learning to speak it. I’m loved. I’m cherished. My job, its to remember that on a daily basis.

I’m powerful. I’m loved. I do matter.

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