How to be a Leader (The KEY Thing That Has Visionary Leader Alter Paradigms)


You have to be able to rise above the social conditioning. You have to go rise above the agreements that have been held for so long.

You have this vision for something that you see in the world. Something that is new. That hasn’t been here before in terms of paradigm of conversation, a way of looking at stuff. But then, the current paradigm, the current social agreement doesn’t match up to it. How do you hold on to your vision so the world can get the gift of this thing that is new.

There was a monkey experiment that just altered how I saw stuff. Back years ago, they did experiment with monkeys where they had monkeys in a cage and they had bananas on top of the cage. Now, the monkeys would go up and get the bananas. Now, what they did was, they attached this hose of water that everytime the monkey went up to get the bananas, that they would just blast it with water. Now, over period of time, the monkeys learnt getting banana equals pain. Don’t do it. So the monkeys stopped going for it.

What they did is, they took one of the monkeys out and brought a new monkey in. Now, they brought a new monkey in. New monkey goes, I wanna get bananas. Goes up to get the bananas, well guess what, the other monkey beat it down to say ‘no, no, no, no, no!’ Don’t do that, it equals pain. The monkey stops doing it.

Then they took another monkey out, brought another monkey in. The new monkey goes to get the bananas. By this time, they turned off the water hose. There’s no consequence to get the bananas except, all the monkeys are in agreement, don’t do it. They beat the monkey down. This get happening over and over again. They take a monkey out, bring a new one in.

Now, it get to a point when all the previous monkeys that had experienced the water were gone. And now, it just had a cage full of new monkeys. Now, this cultural agreement inside the cage was when you went to get banana, beat the monkey down to remind it. And everytime new monkey went, they would attack it. Now, what they did was they brought in a big monkey. Huge big monkey that could handle the beating. Now, big monkey goes to get the banana, all the other monkeys tried to beat it down, tried to be it down but this monkey so big he just like throws them all off and he goes up and sit at the top and then eats his banana. Overtime of him continuing to do this, the other monkeys learned that they can go up and do it too.

See as a leader, you have to be able to rise above the social conditioning. You have to go rise above the agreements that have been held for so long. See back when those agreements were made, back when those rules were laid in place, they made see it to that time and place and how the world was operating at that point of time. But the thing is, the world has changed. Things have moved on but the agreements and the rules have often stayed in place because we’re so conditioned to think certain ways.

See, if you have a vision for something new, if you see a new possibility in the world, you have to as a leader hold onto that vision even when the other monkeys are beating you down. You have to be the bigger monkey in terms of your spirit, in terms of your courage and your willingness, to keep true to that vision, to keep holding on to it as a space. And overtime, trust that when you continue to stay with it, that you will help to alter the paradigm.

We don’t need more people beating each other down. We don’t need more people giving up on their dreams. We don’t need more people giving up almost possible. We don’t need more sheep. We don’t more human robots. We need more willingness to question. More courage to look at things in you.

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