My commitment in this world is to guide people to knowing themselves deeply through both spiritual and personal development. I am committed to this in myself and was led along this path after many years of being disconnected to my truth.

For many years I chased things that I thought would have people like me until one day, I found myself sitting on a beach in my late twenties asking myself „who am I without all of this stuff?‟ I was cycling through depression, rage and anxiety at the time, while bulimia and excessive drinking were taking hold. The image that I had held out to world was cracking and I finally did what I had been avoiding. I stopped pretending and began my own inner journey.

Studying and applying every technology available including NLP, Ontology, Landmark Education, Spiritual Teachings and various Success Principles. I‟m driven to know and experience the depths of love. If a man on a cross died while saying “father forgive them for they know not what they do” then could I experience this level of love in myself and share it with others?

I help people to bridge the gap between personal development and spiritual growth.

I do what needs to be done to get my clients reconnected to their truth and moving in the direction of their dreams. I dedicate my life to knowing myself everyday. To being the best husband, father and person I can be. It is only through my own inner growth that I can powerfully support people on their journey.

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