here you’ll be encouraged, trained, supported, inspired and stretched to go to YOUR NEXT LEVEL, while deeply loving who you already are

You’ve been craving something more. A playground for your power. A place to meet and uncover your strength on a new level. And now you have it. It’s time...


A playground where she gets to hangout, refuel & connect with other power beings. She’s CRAVING truth. You know, real truth. The non-bullshit variety.

She’s CRAVING an opportunity for her human to get the healing she needs.
The healing she’s calling in.

She’s CRAVING a space where she’s seen for ALL of who she is.
Not just the shiny bits, but also the fierce bits, the raw bits and at times, the scared bits.
A space where it’s ALL made ok, and welcomed in.

Welcome to THE PLAYGROUND FOR YOUR POWER You’re home,kick your shoes off...



At the beginning of EVERY week, we have a LIVE Expansion Class. Each Expansion Class is a fresh new mentoring session, focussing on an aspect of either Self Love & Self Healing OR Personal Power & Personal Leadership OR Creativity & Inspiration. They’re brilliantly timed at the start of every week to set you up for the week ahead. Then throughout the week, Kate breaks down the distinctions further into Mini Expander sessions which are 5 minute laser focussed trainings throughout the week. The AHA moments from these weekly LIVE classes and sessions will help you reconnect with what’s important for you and be in alignment with your soul. You ALSO get access to 12 months of Expansion School replays from inside Expansion Playground!!


We also do LIVE COACHING, both Live one on one coaching, AND Live group coaching. This is an incredible opportunity to get access to our coaching, as our private coaching session rates start at $1000/session. You don’t have to figure all this stuff out on your own. Ask questions and we’ll deep dive together.

Expansion Playground is INCREDIBLE. I’m talking, WOW! In here you’ll have full, unlimited access to a very large library of trainings, workshops and programs for as long as what you’re an active member of Expansion School. THERE ARE OVER 250 HOURS OF IN-DEPTH TRAININGS. And you get immediate access to EVERYTHING the moment you become a member. We’re not holding anything back here!

Here’s just a taster of the trainings waiting for you!

There are over 200 MORE trainings than what I’ve listed here AND
a NEW training is added EVERY SINGLE WEEK!

Being a Visionary Leader For Your Own Life

Conscious Loving - Loving & Relating from Wholeness

How to Untangle From People Pleasing

Moving Through Painful Emotions

Being a Money Magnet

Three Feet From The Gold - Temporary Defeat & Quitting VS Thinking Outside the Box and Moving Forward

How to Not Validate Your Suffering Story

Anger—How to Deal with it Powerfully, and Harness the Gifts it Brings

Leadership & Showing Up Beyond the Stories of How We Think It’s Supposed to Look

Telling Yourself the Truth as an Access to Your Power

Each ‘Toleration’ is Like Another Leak Hole in the Pipe

Letting the Light in & Exposing Shame

Sexual Shame & Sexual Numbness

How to Expand Your Upper Limit

Losing the Strangle Hold for Next Level Expansion

Fertile Mind VS Infertile Mind

Colluding or Empowering

Power of Beliefs

Success Mindset

“Being on The Court” — What This Means, and How It Empowers You

Releasing the Brakes

Moving Through Upsets and Reactions

How to Use Observation for Breakthroughs

Creating Extraordinary Relationships

Choosing The Experience Through Choosing The Meaning

How to Shift Into Empowerment in Any Moment

How to Turn Pain Into Wisdom

Internal Thermostats — What They Are and How They Get Activated During Expansion

Powerfully Navigating Breakdowns

How We Replay Our Lives From the Past

Full Access to Our Extensive Library of World Expert Guest Trainings ($800 Value)

Receive access to OVER 150 hours of interviews and trainings from the world’s top thought leaders. People like: Jack Canfield, Brendon Burchard, Bruce Lipton, Amit Goswami, Mark Victor Hansen,
Michael Neil, Dr John Demartini, T Harv Eker, John Gray, Daniel Siegel, Sonia Choquette, Eben Pagan,
Marci Shimoff, Brandon Bays, Debra Poneman and many many more.

Ongoing Mentoring, Training & Support

Self Healing + Self Love

Personal Power + Personal Leadership

Creativity + Inspiration



This program is made up of two modules. The first module is the ‘Release The Brakes’ module and helps you to identify the #1 thing that’s been operating in your blindspot and holding you back. It’s actually THE thing that’s keeping you stuck right now! You’ll be walked through this process step by step, and there are accompanying worksheets to help you do it. Once you’ve released what’s been blocking you, it’s time to move onto the next module.

Module Two is the VISION TO RESULTS series. You’ll be guided step by step to shape your vision for the future, and then reverse engineer that into a plan that magnetises you forward into big results.

This is a full and complete program on its own, valued at $700, and you’ll get FULL ACCESS to it for the life of your membership.



Foundations of an Empowered Life is a full program available publicly for $270.
As an Expansion Schooler you’ll get full access to the entire program, including the workbook,
all complimentary as a part of your Expansion School membership

There are 8 modules (which cover the following topics) and an accompanying workbook

Disc 1 - Introduction & Holding a Higher Context

Disc 2 - Filters and Interpretations

Disc 3 - Upsets and Reactions

Disc 4 - The Loop

Disc 5 - The Parts of Ourselves

Disc 6 - The Observer & The Parts and Observer Strategy

Disc 7 - Expansive Communication Part 1

Disc 8 - Expansive Communication Part 2



The 14-Day Expander System is for you to use ANY time you want to uplevel yourself into a new space thats outside your comfort zone. The process taught in the 14-Day Expander System supports you to go powerfully BEYOND the ‘habit gravity’ that kicks in when you go to make new changes and to show up for yourself, building a new relationship to the power of your word. Through implementing the 14-Day Expander System, you get to know yourself as someone who is powerfully committed to themselves. The cool thing is, it’s ALL taught within the 14-Day Expander System training, AND Expansion School is the perfect place to be supported, encouraged and held accountable as you step into your own 14-Day Expander Games.


Downloadable Meditations & Affirmations

[Value $140]

We ALSO want to gift you THIS. Its full access to our growing library of downloadable meditations and affirmations. There’s various types of meditations and guided affirmations that you can download and put on your phone to listen to throughout the week. New meditations and guided affirmations are added in here and you’ll get full access to them all for as long as you are an active member

You’ve been craving something more. A playground for your power. A place to meet and uncover your strength on a new level. And now you have it. It’s time...


For such a teeny tiny investment, you’ll get full access to ALL of this and more…

And seriously - the quality of what’s inside, will blow you away!

4+ Hours of Live Training with Us Every Month

[Value $4000]

Each week, you'll get direct access to new Live trainings from us. Fresh conversations, perspectives and trainings from the expansion triangle of self healing & self love, personal power & personal leadership, and inspiration & creativity.

Live Coaching Opportunities

[Value $1000]

With our private coaching rates at $1000/session, this is an incredible opportunity to access coaching with us as a part of your Expansion School membership! You can also ask us questions anytime, and there’s a clear way to do this so your questions are seen and responded to.

Full Access to Expansion Playground

[Value $1950]

This online hub contains over 250 hours of on-demand trainings on self-love, personal leadership, emotions, sexuality, intimacy, parenting, success, money mindset, spirituality, law of attraction, maximizing human potential and personal power. New classes are added in here weekly, and you GET FULL ACCESS to this for as long as you are an active member.

Live Guest Expert Trainers!

[Value $2500 - $5000 depending on who the trainer is]

Be trained LIVE by your favourite authors & speakers EVERY month! You’ll get to be trained directly by global thought leaders such as Lisa Nichols, Gay Hendricks, Dr. Michael Bernard Beckwith, Dr. Bruce Lipton, Sonia Choquette, Marci Shimoff and many many more!

Full Access to Expert Training Library

[Value $800]

Over 150 hours of deep dive trainings from global thought leaders such as:
Jack Canfield, T Harv Eker, Brendon Burchard, John Gray, Dr Michael Bernard Beckwith, Dr Bruce Lipton, Mooji, John Assaraf, Marci Shimoff, Brandon Bays and so many many more of your absolute favourite authors and thought leaders.


Full Access to the "Release the Brakes,
Vision to Results" Program

[Value $700]

A stand alone training program with two distinct modules. The first module steps you through identifying and clearing the #1 thing that's blocking you. The second module steps you through shaping your vision for the future, and then reverse engineering that into a plan that magnetises you forward into big results.


Full Access to the "Foundations of an Empowered Life"

[Value $270]

You’ll get full access to the complete 8-Module downloadable


14-Day Expander System

[Value $200]

The process taught in the 14-Day Expander System supports you to go powerfully BEYOND the ‘habit gravity’ that kicks in when you go to make new changes and to show up for yourself, building a new relationship to the power of your word.


Downloadable Meditations & Affirmations

[Value $140]

Full access to our growing library of downloadable meditations and affirmations.

Estimated Monthly Value: $12,560

AND you’ll get unlimited access to ALL of this on your 14-Day Membership Trial

….. FOR ONLY $14 !!!!!!!!!!

PLUS I’m also throwing in lifetime access to four of my programs for free! (valued at $1,310)


A Visionary & Global Voice for Bold Leadership & Transformation

Kate is a powerful stand for humanity and what’s possible. Having personally come through extreme challenges such as anorexia, depression, bulimia, social anxiety and a drug addiction, her life now, shows what’s possible in terms of ‘unrecognisable transformation’ and is a testimony to the incredible inner work that she’s done.

Kate went on to become a recognized national leader in her field as a registered nurse, speaking at international health conferences, being nominated for a special regional health award for her national work in training doctors & nurses throughout New Zealand as powerful change agents & was a finalist for the New Zealand Emerging Speaker of the Year in 2013.

Kate has a huge heart, and limited tolerance for bullshit. She truly cares about people becoming free within themselves and knows first hand what it takes to get there.



You’ll ALSO get direct access to Henare O’Brien through this mentoring space. Henare is a gifted intuitive coach, spiritual teacher & breakthrough trainer who has travelled Europe with Wayne Dyer and Louise Hay.He’s been coached and mentored my Jack Canfield and Neale Donald Walshe, and he’s studied almost every personal development modality available. He’s been to the depths of pain himself, and has spent the last 15 years on a deep personal enquiry of spirituality and humanity.

His teachings are extremely unique and his methods out of the box.He draws on ‘whatever is required’ in the moment to help people create the breakthroughs they’re calling for. Whether its ontology, martial arts,or spirituality, he’s widely known for the depth of transformation he is able to help co-facilitate with people from all walks of life.

Henare’s private coaching sessions start at $1000/session, so this is an INCREDIBLE opportunity to get direct access to Henare’s coaching and training on an ongoing basis through this mentoring space.

You’ve been craving something more. A playground for your power. A place to meet and uncover your strength on a new level. And now you have it. It’s time...


MOST people are only living a tiny fraction of their lives, while pretending that they’ve got it all sorted. What would it be like if you were to expand at both edges. Let me explain.

Firstly, the top edge... where you really play inside of an extraordinary life.
Lifting the lid on what’s possible for you. While ALSO expanding the bottom edge.

Your truth. Deepening into the truth of YOU. Owning ALL of who you are.

The result. A seriously magical life. (Not the one where you’re in a semi-conscious coma).


I get that not everyone can access our private coaching which starts at $5000. So we created this space to give ongoing high quality support and training at an extremely accessible investment for everyone.
So that people who commit to themselves, get direct access to us and our trainings, as well as direct access to LIVE trainings from well known global thought leaders.

We created Expansion School to serve a gap that we see in providing a loving space for very GENUINE conversations. Where people have ALL of them welcomed to the table. Where we’re all embracing our humanity, while stretching up higher in the process. Where personal power is not viewed through a narrow lense, and truth is celebrated.

Sign up to a Trial Membership TODAY
and you’ll get your first 14 days for just $14

PLUS I’ll give you a whopping 40% discount if you continue beyond the 14 days. So that means you’ll pay just $59 per month for full access to ALL the incredible training, mentoring and support that Expansion School has to offer. AND you get to lock in this discounted rate for life.

GUARANTEED. and if you don’t absolutely love it, there’s zero obligation to stay. Simply let me know, and I’ll cancel your membership. Plus you’ll still get to keep four of my programs (valued at $1,360) as a special gift.

PLUS... Pay just $14 for a 14-day test run of Expansion School and we’ll also throw in over $1000 worth of bonus trainings that you can keep

I really think you’re going to LOVE Expansion School. It’s a high vibe space, with an insane level of training and support, and I’ve priced it so it’s super accessible. But I need you to know this - the low price point is no indication of the high quality of what’s being provided. The low price purely reflects my commitment to providing exceptional training and support in a very accessible way. Because frankly, big lasting changes occur OVER TIME. Expansion School is about providing the ongoing training & support that you need OVER TIME to be able to make the big changes that you’re calling in. Sound amazing? That's 'cause it is…

Frequently Asked Questions

When does Expansion School start?

What happens after my 14 -Day Trial Ends?

Do I have to stay for a certain period of time? (Answer = No!)

How do I cancel?

What do I need to access Expansion School?

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You’ve been craving something more. A playground for your power. A place to meet and uncover your strength on a new level. And now you have it. It’s time...

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