A 5-Day Journey into Unstoppable Expansion and Infinite Possibility

October 24-26, 2016 - Ubud, Bali

If you are sick of feeling “stuck” and can’t seem to break through to the “next level”a life of freedom, happiness, and abundance that you’ve been dreaming about, then you NEED to read every last word of this very special letter -- it IS that important!

All that you need to achieve everything you've ever wanted is already INSIDE OF YOU right now... And it just takes 5 DAYS IN PARADISE to reconnect with the Real, True, Extraordinary YOU!

Here’s Just a Small Sampling of What You’ll Discover at This Exclusive 5-Day Event That Is Sure to Be Nothing Short of Life Changing…

Specific steps and strategies you can put into action to start seeing results right now and long term as you learn to stop playing small and start courageously going after your dreams… 

Unforgettable memories and lifelong friendships as you take advantage of this unique opportunity to join an intentional group of game changers from around the world who are all equally committed to your growth and development…

Practical tools you can use in your everyday life to set yourself up for success and carry forward your journey into self-love and self-growth…

How to stay laser focused and live your full potential… instead of ending up on your deathbed full of regrets because the life you truly wanted slipped through your fingers...

A supportive group of like-minded individuals -- people just like you who are serious about achieving true transformation -- who will encourage you in your journey and hold you accountable so you stay on track…

What makes you unique in your life and business? We'll be tackling this question and many, many more.

Expert insights about how to play to your Genius and create maximum flow in your business...

And much, much, MUCH more…

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Henare & Kate O'Brien

Australasia's #1 Transformational Leadership Couple

Just like you, we have a story of where we've been, and what we've overcome. Starting our journey as a teacher and a nurse, we've taken these teachings deep into our lives, and come out profoundly different. Now, we love giving that wisdom back to our community and the world. In the last ten years, we've supported tens of thousands of people in living the lives they only dared dream for themselves. Members of our programs have written best sellers, created internationally sought after coaching programs and are loving their inspiring businesses.

"Performance is about a kind of focus that pulls you into something far beyond your current ability. We're going to take you beyond performance."

We've become known as Australasia's #1 Transformational Leadership Couple, created one of the world's leading personal development summits, and are globally known for the deep shift coaching & training we provide. This event is for you if you know there is something missing in the journey of always seeking the next big success. There is something to be found in yourself that will create results in your life far beyond any expectations you've had. We've created this to support you deeply to bring all of yourself authentically to the table of your life. We know you're ready.

Jack Canfield

via Live Streaming

America's #1 Success Coach who has recently been featured on Oprah's Super Soul Sunday will be joining us for the afternoon via LIVE stream to teach his world-famous success principles! The developer of the Chicken Soup for the Soul franchise has helped hundreds of thousands of people just like you achieve their wildest dreams, and he is in high demand globally. So this RARE chance to hear him live and ask him your questions is truly a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity you do NOT want to miss!

Game Changer Live Bali Is Your Chance to Experience 5 Intense Days of Powerful Healing, Awakening, and Transformation… So You Can FINALLY Really Enjoy Living Your Highest Expression!

What Our Game Changers Are Saying...

"This was a MASSIVE game changer for me."

"I can now look myself in the mirror and know that I love myself. Thanks Kate and Hen.  I have been waiting for someone like this to enter my life and assist me in finding my way."

- Rach Stillman (My Kitchen Notebook)

"I have been struggling with where to start with putting into words the experience I have had working with Kate & Henare."

"They have such a unique and real coaching style which I have found is the perfect compliment of support and structure to wherever you need them to help guide you. I signed up for GameChanger and it has been the best decision I have ever made, my life, attitude and business have ignited and changed in such a positive way. It feels awesome to have them working alongside me, sharing their knowledge in just the right way that gets amazing results so quickly, and I am so grateful for the support network they create. I can't explain how fantastic it feels to have them on board my journey. If you ever get the opportunity to work directly with this amazing pair, just say absolutely "YES!" All you need to achieve everything you want is within you and their ability to help bring it out is priceless."

- Narelle Stewart (Owner of NS Designs & Founder of The Wellness Project)

"GameChangerLive was in one word AWESOME."

"This powerful weekend workshop helped me to connect more deeply with who I am and step into living my purpose more fully - no more excuses! Thanks Kate and Hen. You guys ROCK!"

- Gina Brown (The Spiritual Nutritionist)

"The Game Changer program has changed my life."

"The skills I have learned here with empower me for a lifetime to continue being present and alive in my life. Learning to be 100% responsible for my actions and current life situation is so wickedly empowering. I know I can trust myself in any situation, that I am in control of my life, my reactions and my results! And to have continued access to the powerful and motivating modules is an amazing bonus! Something I can always refer back to when I'm in need of support! I am so grateful I found Kate and Henare. They are the most real and down to earth people you will ever meet and they each have amazing gifts to share with the world in this lifetime! Don't miss out!! It will most definitely change your life in a way that keeps you moving forward. There is no place to go except forward into a life that you create yourself from a space of love, commitment and empowerment!"

- Tanya Morton (Forbes)

"Wow, what a mind blowing experience, one I will always remember!"

"The honesty and realness of this weekend is what made it so easy to relate to on a personal level. I wasn't expecting a lot, but I am now walking away clearheaded, relaxed, focused and with a purpose. Thank you for such a fantastic weekend of fun, tears and learning. You both rock!! Keep doing what you're doing!!"

- Stephanie Pearce (Fitness and Health Expert)

"GameChanger has been an incredible experience where I’ve been supported to transform so many areas of my life."

"I’ve continuously made massive shifts throughout this program... and am crystal clear on my purpose and vision for I want to take my life & my business. I get the breakthrough coaching from Henare, and the business coaching from Kate where I’m learning how to set up structures for immediate and long term growth. Far out it's good stuff... Because I actually get to consistently move toward what I realllllly want. A bit of hard love, inspiration and perspiration intertwined with some solid fun is a recipe for inner and outer success. Hen and Kate are with you all the way on all levels to support in every way they can, its AMAZING stuff!!!"

- Kate Bull (Personal Breakthrough Coach)

"It was amazing to me how quickly we did important deep work on ourselves AND it was really fun."

"We were given practical tools to help us really carry forward our growth into our everday lives. It was wonderful how a large group moved into their heart energy so quickly. It was a wonderful experience to be in that energy & be around so many other people who were too. Thank you so much!"

- Gabbie Milne-Rodrigues (Party Host at Fairy Rosebud)

"Sharing yourselves so authentically allowed me to see myself. Really..this workshop is THE BEST I have ever been to."

- Natalie Tolhopf (CEO & Founder at Catapult Your Business)

"I haven't had such a profound experience in at least 10 years. I got my life back."

- Tanya McQueen

"I joined GameChanger at a point in my life that I wanted to make changes, not just little ones, but BIG ones that would reshape my life..."

GameChanger has allowed me to look deep inside at encoding that has driven my life by way of unconscious habit, and understand it in a way that has helped to realize that it’s possible for me, and that I sometimes just need to get out of my own way. Since working with these two I have gotten to know more of the real me, the me that I shut, shut down and pushed away for so long. Kate and Hens style together is the perfect blend of unconventional and strategic, that will keep you stretching your comfort zone in ways you wouldn’t imagine, that have big pay offs at the end. It’s hard not to use all those clichés of ‘life changing’ and ‘transformational’, because that’s exactly what it has been and continues to be."

- Senka Radonich (Founder of Adventure Girls & Legacy Adventures)


The Mansion Resort has been nominated by the prestigious Conde Nast Traveler as the World's 100 Best New Hotel, 2004 Hot List, selected by Luxury Group since 2006, and is chosen by National Geographic Traveler Indonesia as one of 20 favorite hotels, May 2010. Hotels were chosen throughout Indonesia based on the following criteria, service, unique hotel personality,environment and social awareness, online booking facilities, architecture and views, safety and security.
Heaven & Earth Spa at The Mansion Resort has been awarded by the prestigious "World Luxury Spa Awards" as "Best Luxury Hotel Spa - Country Winner 2011" and "Best Luxury Medical Spa - Country Winner 2012", and was recently selected by Conde Nast Johansens 2013 in its epicurean collection of Luxury Spa. Experience the ultimate in massage and healing rituals at Heaven & Earth, The Mansion's celebrated spa facility. Treatments are drawn from the most traditional therapies to the most comprehensive selection of modern medical spa therapies to rekindle your Body, Health, Beauty, Mind & Senses.The Mansion Resort has been nominated by the prestigious Conde Nast Traveler as the World's 100 Best New Hotel, 2004 Hot List, selected by Luxury Group since 2006, and is chosen by National Geographic Traveler Indonesia as one of 20 favorite hotels, May 2010. Hotels were chosen throughout Indonesia based on the following criteria, service, unique hotel personality,environment and social awareness, online booking facilities, architecture and views, safety and security.

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