I get it...

you’re awesome. and you know it, somewhere

the thing is, you don’t always know yourself as that. you don't always feel it

truth be told, a lot of the times you actually feel frustrated. stuck. but you don’t show it.

cause aren’t we supposed to be positive all the time? isn't that what we’re told?

I have to be happy and positive, to attract more of it into my life? I have to be what I want to become…?

then, why the fuck, with all this happy happy happy, try try try am I not feeling always feeling… ‘happy’?

I try to be ‘nice’. I try real hard. I do a ton of shit, for a ton of people. I give a lot. and I'm tired of it.

there’s way more to you than the box you’ve placed yourself in

way more for your life than those rules you’ve been operating from

those things you want feel just out of reach (even when your fingers are really outstretched).
And every time you go for them, syre.. you kind of get somewhere.. but it also feels like gravity’s going against you. Like the more you reach forward, the more things that crop up to hold you back

and FUCK IT! You know (like KNOW) in your heart, that you’ve got so damn much to give, that its frustrates the shit out of you. Time’s ticking by, and you know, that unless something changes, well, nothing changes (duh!)

you want to make those shifts, but to be perfectly honest, you’re a bit tired of all the over inflated personal development,
shit that feels more like a marketing gimmick, rather than the truth of what’s actually going on for the person.
You’re sick of people showing you shiny stuff, that —you have a sneaky suspicion — may not carry real weight underneath.

and the thing is, you GET IT. you KNOW yourself a lot of the inspirational quotes. BUT the thing you struggle with,
is how the hell do you apply them in the moments that ACTUALLY count? Like when you’re REALLY triggered.
OR you’re SCARED to leap towards something that you’ve been calling in.

so HOW do you move forward from what's holding you back? HOW do you trust yourself enough to make those steps

honey, you’re nice, but you’re not JUST nice. you’re kind, but you’re not JUST kind

Hi, I'm Kate

I’ve spent the last 18 years diving deep into personal power and leadership
Initially it came from the need to save my own life anorexia and drug addiction had taken a huge toll on me

over almost two decades, my lessons on personal power & leadership have taken me to the corners of my soul. again and again I’ve been pushed beyond who I’ve known myself to be.
continually letting go of the internal structures that kept me safe, but sucked me dry.

I KNOW first hand what it takes to cause change. unrecognizable change.

I KNOW what it takes to go toe to toe with everything you got it
everything inside that you’ve avoided and to not run, as the chrysalis splits apart

in recent years, I've re-written the model for personal power & leadership
its got zero to do with how many followers you have, or how good your life ‘looks’
and all to do with your ability to align with your truth, discard the crap, and cause results

and guess what that takes?

YOU being willing to go toe to toe with everything that stands in your way.

Don't know yourself as a leader now? you will by the end of these 3 months

Don't know yourself as your full power yet?you will by the end of these 3 months






personal power & personal leadership

being unwavering in your stand and unstoppable in creating results 

self love & self care

being uncompromising in showing up for yourself on all levels, under all circumstances


being cause in the matter of the life you choose

Being cause in the matter of your life is a place to stand from which gives you power and freedom to create the life YOU choose.

relationship to yourself

You’ll be working with your relationship to yourself over the 3 months AND during the 5 day intensive in Bali. Shifting the old agreements that no longer serve you, while creating new ways of relating to yourself.

freeing up dormant parts within

Right now, you’re operating from a fraction of who you are, with so much of your power repressed. During this 90 days, you’ll free up parts of yourself which will allow you to bring so much more of you to life (you’ll have more of you to bring to your relationships, to your vision and to your life). You’ll uncover your power and voice in ways that you can’t quite imagine now. And any other parts that have felt stuck and hidden, from sexuality, through to your inner bitch. It’s time to embody the full spectrum of who you are. Cause opening up ALL of your power is key. Our lives open up to the extent that we’re connected to our power. And, no, I’m not referring to ‘power over’, or pushiness. Although some days it might be pushy, others it might be soft.

cleaning up stagnancy from the past

Without realizing it, you’re operating on top of so much stuff which is incomplete and unworkable. This keeps you stuck where you are. Cleaning this up & getting it complete, will free you up in ways you’ve never experienced before, and thus opening up your capacity to truly create.

relationships to others

‘The quality of your life is in direct proportion to the quality of your relationships’.

So what are the quality of your relationships? We’re talking about ALL the relationships in your life that matter to you. The relationship you have with your partner, your kids, your family..

How do you show up? How do you occur to them? How do they occur to you?

What’s not being said that needs to be said? The thing we’re present to at the end of our lives, more than anything else, is our relationships. It’s time to show up there.

expanding into intimacy and connection

Let's expand your capacity for intimacy & connection. Over the 3 months coaching together, and during the 5 days intensive in Bali, as you remove what's been blocking you, you’ll massively expand in your capacity for intimacy & connection.

This starts with yourself, and extends out to others. So many people have rediscovered the intimacy in their relationships through this work.

ability to produce unprecedented results

Let's lift the lid on the results you’re creating in your life within the areas that are important to you. You’ll be learning a specific technology that will put you in the driver’s seat of causing results in your life, again and again and again.


One-on-One Session with Kate

60 minutes [value $800]

You’ll begin your leadership journey with a 90 minute power session with Kate. During this session, you’ll be mapping out the trajectory of the 3 month journey, PLUS Kate will get to know you and understand how to BEST support you during the 3 months.

BONUS One-on-One Session with Kate

3O minutes [value $400]

This bonus one-on-one session can be used at any stage during the 3 months, for when you MOST need some extra support.

12 Weekly Group Sessions

approximately 1 - 2 hours each [$4000]

During these weekly sessions, you’ll be trained, coached, stretched, supported, held accountable, celebrated.

3 Months of Private Messenger Support


You’ll have exclusive, direct access to me through facebook private messenger for the entire 3 months. I don't usually do this, and have clear boundaries around my time and attention, so to be opening up my accessibility during these 3 months is super valuable.

Exclusive Access to the GameChanger Boutique Leadership Camp


This is only available to the 15 women inside this space, so you get direct support from me during this time.

Bonus Full Ticket to GameChanger Bali!!


You’ll get a $6990 ticket to join us in Bali for the
5-Day Advanced Leadership Training, GameChangerLive Bali.

This starts with yourself, and extends out to others. So many people have rediscovered the intimacy in their relationships through this work.

Bring a Friend to Bali


It’s important to do this level of growth together with your partner (if they’re into it!). SO I'm giving you a bonus ticket for you to bring your partner or best friend with you. They’ll get FULL access to the entire week of advanced leadership training, including buffet meals, and they’ll only need to pay a $500 room fee.

Complimentary 3-Month Membership inside GameChanger VIP


TOTAL VALUE: $23,480




The public tickets have sold for $6990, so this is an incredible opportunity. These 5 days alone, will kick your ass into high octane leadership.
It's like paint stripper for all the bullshit that's been holding you back aaaandit will be one hell of a fun time. Also, you'll laugh. You'll cry.

You'll come face to face with what's been blocking you and you'll reconnect to the power that's already within you.

I want to be ULTRA CLEAR...

This is NOT for people who aren’t willing to shift things in their life. I’ll be holding a really big space for you and there won’t be room for you to hide from your greatness. This isn’t for people who aren’t willing to be a huge fucking stand for themselves. With love, you’ll be called on your stuff. I won’t accommodate you pretending to be small on any level. I will be a MASSIVE stand for you getting how amazing you already are.
Let’s be clear, if you DON’T want this, and you’d instead PREFER to have someone believe your stories enable your stuckness, then don’t apply. If however you’re DONE with this space...

Submit your application now, and we'll talk together about the next steps.





will you be one of the 15 women I take through..?

opportunities arise, doors open it's up to each of us to say yes

here’s the thing, there are SO many ‘reasons’ of why not (time, money, worthiness, ‘can I do it?’ Thinking)

I’ll be frank with you, it all comes down to fear
and your ability to go beyond that, and be an uncompromising stand for what you REALLY want.

this is exactly what I'll be training you in over our 3 months together

how to be UNCOMPROMISING in your life
How to have your external environment match up to what you want
How to say YES (even when you don’t know ‘how’), and then get resourceful to create the resources

and so much more...

BUT I'm not going to ‘pull’ you through this
I'll be a stand for you. Ill train you. Ill coach you. Ill even kick your arse at times.

But I CANNOT and WILL NOT do it for you.

i'ts YOUR legs that are being strengthened here
YOUR ability to stand for yourself
so it's YOU that must do the squat-work

this is a 100% co-creational space
AND you need to be ready to co-create at this level together

are you ready...?

You don’t need to know the HOW
And you can be BLOODY SCARED TOO

… at this stage, all you need to do is to trust whatever feeling is getting stirred inside

if you feel called to this... show up, and say YES

The rest of it will unfold over the 3 months.

If you're ready to have paint stripper applied to everything that's held you back and kick yourself into high octane personal leadership..

Because I’m FULLY committing to each of the 15 women I accept through,
I'll be making sure that each woman is ready to play at this level.
Acceptance into this Boutique Leadership Training Camp is through an application interview.



Naturopath, Wellness Coach and Business Owner

I've seen an additional $100,000 into my business. I have a depth of communication and connection with my husband, kids and step kids that I just couldn't have imagined before. The technology used in it has literally changed the way that I think, be and am in the world.

I have loved my experience in GameChanger. Some of the results I’ve seen, over $100,000 into my business, I have a depth of communication and connection not only to my husband but also my kids and my step-kids that I couldn't just have imagined before. The technology that’s used here has literally changed the way I think, be and am in the world. It has allowed space for me to show up however I choose in life and be okay and knowing the depths of the darkness that I’d been in…Extraordinary! Those results that I've just rattled off, I have never been able to produce something that huge in such a short period of time anywhere in my career and business. I'm in total gratitude for Kate’s extraordinary teaching talent and Hen’s extraordinary coaching ability as well as his unique way of getting the best out of us in the group.


Founder of the Unconditional Tribe, Coach and Entrepreneur

The most transformative experience of my life. There’s no words to articulate what this experience is like. You will meet your maker in this.


■ Everything seemed so uphill. Life was like a struggle that had no end.

■ I was lacking confidence in my capabilities to achieve what I want.

■ Looking back, I can see how I was so unaware of how much pain I was avoiding.

■ ​I was oblivious to the deep pains that weren’t being addressed in my relationship.

■ ​I was putting up such a front in life, and it was exhausting.


■ Life now feels like it's genuinely MY creation. I feel it on a cellular level. The big stuff is actually do-able.

■ The results that I've dreamed about for so long, are now actually showing up in my life.

■ ​I have a business that’s flourishing. Whilst its still early days, our income has gone from $1000 per week to a short period of time bringing in over $40,000.

■ My life feels fulfilling now. Like what I am here to do I am ACTUALLY starting to do and this whole thing feels playful, like its some big game that I get to decide how I play.

■ I feel free for the first time in my life. I feel empowered. (I actually have tears as I'm writing this last bit!!)


Licensed Massage Therapist and Personal Coach

I’ve had so much, so much opportunity open up for me. So much more than I believed possible. It continues to amaze me, what opens up for me financially and in my relationships. You should consider it a YES.

I’ve had so much opportunity open up for me, so much more than I believed possible. It continues to amaze me, what opens up for me financially and in my relationships… Today, I realized I’ve made a $1000 more this month than I projected and what I projected was even $1500 more than I have ever made in my life a month and now I'm making over and above what I didn’t believe possible! This is some magical stuff! It seems magical but it is intensely practical! There’s sooo much opportunity to open up to and there’s so much that I get to accept and that I can just let go and let be and I’m blessed and so grateful to be in this program and to have access to Henare’s coaching because he is able to see me deeper that I could see myself.


Holistic Registered Nurse and Entrepreneur

I’ve noticed a HUGE change in my relationship with my husband, we’re the most connected we’ve EVER been. That was definitely not the case before. I've blossomed.

Within the first couple of weeks, I noticed huge shifts happening... Underlying things that I had hidden and buried were actually given permission to come to the surface for me to be able to see them and for me to make a choice to set them aside to create a bigger and brighter future. I've noticed a huuuge change with my relationship with my husband. We’ve been together for 10 years now and we’re the most connected we’ve ever been. In the way we communicate, express and able to have really open, honest conversations with things that’re important to us… that was definitely not the case before I started this program.

I’ve blossomed and have been able to really acknowledge and see all of who I am and know that all of it is whole complete and perfect and be okay with that and allow the uglier side to come up and know that it’s okay but also know that I have a choice to stay in that space or to shift it aside and allow my stand and my vision and to even create that stand that I wanted to make in the world has been huge for me and it was something that I struggled with. Hen has been so open and loving and been able to guide through this process.

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