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    Tell me, do any of these situations sound familiar?

    • You’re truly ready for change, but you don’t have any support or accountability from those around you to keep you on course…
    • You feel stuck, trapped, and bored with your current state in life and want to “level up” your life... but you don’t know how to make the change happen and feel like you’re all alone…
    • You try time after time to change… only to run into roadblocks that cause you to end up taking 10 steps back instead of moving forward…
    • You keep getting overwhelmed by fear and self-doubt… and you can’t figure out how to navigate the barriers you face all by yourself...

    To Make Continued Progress, You Need an Ongoing Framework of Support That Offers Guidance, Encouragement, and Accountability

    That’s exactly why Henare and I created a massive support structure with continual training, guidance, and motivation so that you and so many other frustrated individuals can finally be empowered to break through to your next level!

    You might have spent years, even decades trying to change. Maybe you’ve already invested countless hours and hundreds or thousands of dollars in more training, books, and information… But no matter what you do, you don’t have the resources or support to change patterned behavior, maintain your progress, or experience lasting shifts.

    If You’re Finally Ready to Experience REAL Change, Then GameChanger VIP Is for YOU!

    It can seem impossible to make changes happen all on your own – even if you have all the right information at your fingertips. But with this brand new online membership program, you'll get access to Australasia's #1 Transformational and Leadership Couple, expert training from top thought leaders from around the world, and an entire online community of extraordinary people just like you who are courageously chasing their dreams! With this one-of-a-kind structured support and guidance, you'll finally have the ongoing motivation, encouragement, and accountability you need to experience true transformation... sooner than you might think.

    • No contracts. Cancels anytime.
    • No additional or hidden fees
    • Join now for just $25/wk (paid fortnightly)


    The KEY to preventing the goals you have right now from becoming "someday" goals that never get actualized... by holding you accountable and keeping you on track...

    ​How to enhance your spiritual growth and connections, expand your wealth, improve your relationships, and much, much, much more via special live trainings with top global transformation experts...

    Regular and continual support that will empower you to live at your highest expression regardless of what situation you're in or what's happening around you...

    How you can effortlessly navigate barriers and courageously break through your own fears and self doubt to create something extraordinary...

    Why it's time to STOP tolerating those shitty cycles in your life... and START stepping into your own unique power to change the way you see possibility and expansion in your life...

    Support and encouragement from like-minded individuals who remind you to take care of yourself and keep on pursuing your dreams...

    How to gain more time and energy to invest in what you truly want by clearing out all the junk that's bogging you down...

    REAL results: Instead of continuing to be held back by the limiting patterning of your core identity, you'll discover how to escape old traps and triggers.... by finally seeing that who you are now is capable of achieving anything you desire...

    And so much more...

    You’re About to Discover All the Ongoing
    Support, Motivation, and Training
    You Need to Turn Your Deepest Dreams, Desires & Goals into Reality!

    When you join this all new membership program today, you'll get:

    Fortnightly LIVE Group Training & Coaching Sessions with Henare & Kate O’Brien

    Every 2 weeks, you'll meet with Henare or Kate and your empowerment team to get group training and coaching that will help you reach the next level of personal development. Instead of trying to figure everything out on your own, you'll be able to ask us your most burning questions to help you gain clarity and control over your life.You'll learn:
    • How to elevate your personal performance
    • The secrets to successful leadership
    • How to clear out the clutter that is keeping you from getting what you want
    • How to boldly break through barriers
    • Proven information and strategies for upleveling key areas of your life
    • And much, much more...
    With these ongoing trainings, you'll be able to dissolve and heal the blocks that are lurking in the background of your life and standing in the way of your success.
    Our private one-on-one sessions are normally priced at $1000 each... but you won't pay anywhere near that price
    with this special opportunity for regular, personal training with us!

    Fortnightly Video Training Modules

    Starting June 2016, you'll receive a brand new Video Training Module every 2 weeks as part of the GameChanger VIP Series. These bi-monthly video training modules take you on a journey of powerful expansion as you learn everything from clearing out old things that no longer serve you... to building new rituals and habits that empower and strengthen you. You'll discover how to...
    • Dissolve old patterns that keep you stuck in mediocrity
    • Free up your time and mental energy
    • Boost your communication skills
    • Improve your relationships and strengthen your inner leader
    • And much, much more...
    With these easy-to-consume, regular trainings, you'll finally have the structured and timely guidance you need
    to continue your journey into expansion!

    Full Access to the Training Vault

    Not only will you get access to all live group trainings and coachings as well as all video modules... but you'll also get access to all the training replays inside our training vault for as long as you're a member! This way, you NEVER have to worry about stressing to keep up or missing a training. Simply open up the vault and find exactly what you need, right when you need it.

    24/7 Access to Your Empower Team

    Most importantly, this isn't another program that fills your brain with more overwhelming information then sends you out into the cold to implement it on your own.
    Instead, you'll be welcomed into a supportive and encouraging online community of like-minded people who are all experiencing the same struggles and seeking the same things. Together, you'll provide one another with the motivation and accountability you need to break through limiting barriers and turn your dreams into reality!
    Best of all, you can access the group anytime, from any place so you always have a support structure in place. Most importantly, this isn't another program that fills your brain with more overwhelming information then sends you out into the cold to implement it on your own.

    PLUS: You'll Also Get Bonus LIVE Trainings and Coaching from the World's Leading Experts!

    From time to time, Henare and I will invite guest experts to join us on the live trainings. We'll put them in the hot seat so you can ask questions and get answers about topics such as…

    Deepening Your Spirituality

    Enhancing Your Joy

    Expanding Your Wealth

    Creating More Meaningful Relationships

    Creating Unlimited Abundance

    Opening Up To Intimacy 

    Here's What Makes This Program So Different
    from Everything You’ve Ever Tried Before:

    Unlike a lot of the transformation "gurus" out there selling you on the belief they've got their lives all 100% sorted
    out and that's why you should listen to them, Henare and I do things differently.

    We're real... raw... and totally transparent.

    We don't try to hide our humanness behind glossy-ness. Instead, we will use our REAL-LIFE experiences
    to show you how to get through the hard stuff nobody likes to talk about and break through to new levels in life.
    Fact is, life is messy. Perfectly messy. We lay it all out there to empower you to step into who you already are
    so you can boldly chase your dreams and live with no regrets.

    • No contracts. Cancels anytime.
    • No additional or hidden fees
    • Join now for just $25/wk (paid fortnightly)


    The group programme is content- and experience- rich. The coaching is rigorous, inclusive and compassionate. the level of results are up to you (limitless even) and one of the many beautiful things about it is the masterful way they make every moment count without it even feeling rushed, and every single person is included and treated with dignity and respect. Their group process and work are beautiful. I've found the personal growth work with them totally effective and fun. Just do it.

    Moira Aberdeen GameChanger Participant

    I absolutely love Kate, she comes from the heart, I highly recommend her. She's a woman who changes lives.

    Marvin Oka World Leader in Neuro Behaviour Modelling, Master Trainer & Master Modeller
    Haidee Tiffen
    New Zealand's National Sports Coach, GameChanger Participant

    I have done a lot of Personal Development and I can honestly say that Game Changer has moved me more than any other course I have done. Kate and Henare have been the best team to work with and they compliment each other so perfectly.

    “I have spent most of my life in a highly competitive sporting environment where I developed a very strong identity and an attitude to fit that environment. Kate and Henare work with you to unlock and dismantle the deep limiting beliefs that we all have that can limit our growth. I had to look deep inside myself to truly learn to understand myself and love all parts of me.

    The group calls have been incredible for my growth as I get to hear, share and learn from others. This made me realise that we are all struggling with similar limiting beliefs that are packaged differently for each of us. The calls are so loving, supportive and you know that everyone is truly there for you and we celebrate in our growth together. This course has really given me true transformation and I can not thank Henare and Kate enough for helping me unlock my truth.”

    Nathan MacGregor
    FItness Trainer & Expert, GameChanger Participant

    Through their group coaching I doubled my income in a short space of time.

    Emma Burke
    GameChanger Participant 

    Henare and Kate, you are caring, genuine, and authentic. Your support, help, motivation, and guidance has helped me take our marriage from just existing to a whole new level of understanding and connection. We are stronger now than we have ever been before. I no longer accept second best. And as a result, my relationships with others have improved.

    Mark Klaasen
    INLPTA Certified NLP Master Trainer & Corporate Consultant 

    Kate is impacting her audiences at an emotional level and at a life changing level. I highly recommend her.

    I am feeling charged, motivated and inspired to up my level of play in life. My thinking has been challenged and I have become more mindful of what makes me happy. Up until this point I have blamed others and hunted for explanations when things have gone wrong in life but I am getting it now – I make the sun shine or the rain pour – I have to be the change I want to see. When I am looking back on my life from my deathbed, I want to say, “Yes, I have lived a happy and complete life. “ I feel these past weeks have given me the tools I need to push myself towards to this goal. Thank you Kate and Henare - you are two people who have an incredibly beautiful dream.

    Keri RewCastle GameChanger Participant

    This was a MASSIVE game changer from me. I can now look myself in the mirror and know that I love myself. Thanks Kate and Hen I have been waiting for someone like this to enter my life and assist me in finding my way. I couldn’t have waited for two more fantastic people ever.

    Rach Stillmans GameChanger Participant

    He’s absolutely masterful. It’s the closest thing I’ve ever seen to Tony Robbins.

    Imran Mohamed GameChanger Participant

    I really like how Kate and Hen are just so real and truthful. They talk so honestly and they don’t just want to make you excited about stuff! They don’t tell you a bunch of stuff and get you all excited. They are actually being real and helping you take responsibility to change things. I like how they play, they flow in together well, and they both know what their strengths are and they bounce off each other.

    Amanda Jeffs GameChanger Participant

    Kate is an inspiration, Kate is one to watch.

    The late Sir Paul Holmes TV Presenter, Broadcaster and Bestselling AuthorCo-Founder of Street Smart University

    An amazing journey! With the help of these amazing coaches Kate and Henare I have created some unbelievable things in my life over the last 7 weeks. I made a declaration to build wealth and as soon as I became clear on that the universe flooded in with ideas on how I could do that. I created a vision folder and in it was a picture of NZ money with the words "$100000 profit in NZ", now I have debt and am a single mum of 2 kids earning an average wage in NZ hell I don’t even earn $100000 in a year in my job so this was a huge dream for me and to be honest I didn’t think it would be possible for me.

    Anyway, to cut a long story short I got inspired to put my house on the market and 2 days later I got an offer that will make not $100000 but $123000 for me and in a few days it will all go unconditional which will allow me to meet all my financial goals for 2016 and it’s only February! Not only am I building wealth but that journey has challenged me to also heal relationships with family members that have been troubled for years. That’s the bonus of this coaching experience with Kate and Henare you set off with a goal in mind but you always discover these bonus gems along the way!

    I have learnt that morning rituals are an awesome way to start my day and love them! I have also discovered the more crap you clear out of your life both emotional and even just the old clothes in your wardrobe creates space for the new really juicy stuff to rush into your life (and I do mean rush in so be prepared). It can be a roller coaster ride there have been highs and lows and I have cried rivers of tears but the support from this group helps to keep me moving forward.

    Shanta Sheehan GameChanger Participant
    Tanya McQueen
    GameChanger Live Participant 

    I got something quite major and powerful. I haven’t had such a powerful experience for at least ten years, basically. I got my life back. I got Tanya back. There’s going to be a dramatic shift in 6 months and one year and five years as a result of the weekend.

    Rachel Ann
    GameChanger Participant 

    For those of you who may not have had the opportunity to experience Kate O'Brien and Henare Hona O'Brien in group training and group coaching, I would like to share my experience so far. I am not going to go into story but I will give you an idea of my reason for saying YES.

    I started last year with Kate O'Brien initially in a power session after doing her Gamechanger Womens - free 30 day program. I had followed Kate for sometime and I watched as Kate had her own personal growths and expansions occur. I found I was saying to myself I want what she has. That depth of passion and inner power of knowing herself and honouring her depth and goddess. I believed and even more so now believe in her because she delivers and talks her truth and this resonated and still resonates with me. I love how she is openly sharing her growth and experiences and how each time she expands she is real and open about the other side of expansion and is prepared to share and walk you through her own learnings in a step by step process.

    This honesty has opened a space for me to embrace my own expansion and each raw opening, clearing and healing is guided with such love and support. The group calls have huge intention from not only Kate and Henare but also the groups intentions bring forth shifts which each individual is touched and challenged and given the opportunity to grow and expand in these moments and the week ahead till the next group session which adds to the last. I have through Kate and Henare's training programs become open and accepting of my truth and this has opened many opportunities for me. I have a deep passion to expand and grow and have my extraordinary Life I desire and deserve and have the framework and building blocks and love the amazing group of friends I have made and have as beautiful support around me because of these programmes and I know I am and can achieve all my dreams and goals.

    Thank you Kate O'Brien and Henare Hona O'Brien. If you are truly wanting expansion and to 'play big' then invest in yourself and contact Kate O'Brien and Henare Hona O'Brien today. Your life will never be the same again.



    GameChangerVIP kicks off in April!!!!!


    There’s absolutely no contract or minimum time period. You can cancel anytime by emailing the team at


    Exactly! Well… we truly want to make a difference to people. And every year, we hear the same thing.

    Over and over, that people need ongoing support, and frankly, not everyone has access to $6,000 - $24,000 for our exclusive programs. We’ve just wrapped up a 7 week group training program & the breakthroughs were so high, we decided to make these same breakthroughs available long term, at a price that ANYONE can afford.

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    • No contracts. Cancels anytime.
    • No additional or hidden fees
    • Join now for just $25/wk (paid fortnightly)

    Stop Waiting around for Change to Happen… Make REAL CHANGE Happen Today… with All the Ongoing Support and Training You Need to Stay on Track!

    If you're sick of feeling "stuck," and you know you can't succeed all on your own...NOW is the time to invest in your ongoing success with an online program and empowering community that will help you stay motivated and hold you accountable to achieving your goals faster than you ever dreamed possible!

    It's so easy to get overwhelmed by fears, doubts, and the everyday busyness of life... Pretty soon today's goals become "someday" goals... until you wake up on your deathbed one day wishing you had lived a different life.I

    Henare & Kate ~