Episode 012 -Date Night


Booze. Bicycles. Beach.

Date nights are sooo important in long term relationships. They’re important to keeping intimacy, play, adventure and fun in the relationship. and they’re even MORE important when you have kids!

In this episode of our vlog Showing Up, we go on a playful date night in the Gili Islands (on Gili Air). We share these parts of our lives to remind us all to loosen up a bit, and take time together. It can be easy to get distracted with life, and forget about infusing relationships with play or fun or adventure. And then all of a sudden, people forget why they’re together. And the relationship has lost an element of spark.

New episodes of ShowingUp are released every week as regular reminders to us all to drop the rules, excuses and barriers to ShowingUp for ourselves at the highest level while ALSO giving ourselves permission to be total and utter human beings in the process..

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