You gotta get in and roll up your sleeves. You got to be willing to get a little bit messy.

Don’t run from the lessons that are showing up in your life. They are there for a reason. See, if you put something that ‘s re-occurringly coming up, it’s there because you’re not complete with it. See, just avoiding it or resisting it, or pretending that it’s not there, has it burrowed down deep inside. Then, what’s gonna happen is, over time it will start to surface. It will pop up. And, if you’re not listening, it will pop up louder and louder and be screaming at you until you can’t ignore it.

Change doesn’t occur through reading a book. Transformation doesn’t happen through a Facebook post. That’s were you get inspiration. That’s where you get insight. Now, inspiration and insight don’t cause transformation until you take what you’re knowing and you actually apply in your life. We need to move from here to here to expand and embody what is it that we’re knowing.

You gotta get in and roll up your sleeves. You got to be willing to get a little bit messy. It’s in those moments in your life where you’re up against it, where you feel like everything all of your resistance is getting triggered.

Those are the moments that cause transformation. Those are the moments that actually calling you to expand into your highest potential. But those are the moments that we most want to run from, we wanna move away, we wanna hide. Yet, those are the moments of your greatest growth.

It’s easy to do personal development in the areas that you are comfortable with while leaving those parts of you that you are not so comfortable with behind. There’s nothing wrong with that.

Let’s get honest. Tell yourself the truth. If you’re okay with that, fine. But if you’re not, if you are ready for a deeper level of growth, I invite you to come and actually go in and do the inner deeper work.

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