Have the courage to see me and I hope I am brave enough to see you.

Most people, when they see me, they are not seeing me. They are seeing the story that they have of me. The story of who they think I am. That is not me. I’m not a story that exist inside your head. I’m a human being.

Everytime you relate to me as a story, you missed out. You see the story you have of me because you only see the story that you have of you. You box yourself just as much as you box me. You scare yourself with stories that trap you. Stories of what you can’t do of who you can’t be; that you are not good enough.

Everytime you dip your brush into the story part and paint the world with the stereotypes, you forget the one thing that’s universal. At the core of it, you and me, we are the same.

Like you, I want to be seen. Like you, I wanna be loved. Look beyond all of these. Have the courage to see me and I hope I am brave enough to see you.

We can’t see another’s truth until we see can see our own. The more we see and love ourselves, the greater our capacity to see and love one another. It starts with you.

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