Because you’ve been taught to hide your light and not shine too bright. To serve others before yourself. To be ‘nice’ and not make people uneasy. You’ve got so many balls in the air, that you’re afraid if you let go for even a moment, they’ll come crashing down. And so you try harder. You try harder to ‘get it right’.

Frankly, at times you feel like cracking. Underneath it all, the thing you’re not saying, is that there’s a part of you that’s as frustrated as fuck. Your life may look good from the outside, but compared to what’s truly in your heart, you feel like you’re on a treadmill going nowhere.

It doesn’t matter how many books you read, how many videos you watch… you can’t seem to get your life out of looping at this same level, over and over. 

In your heart, you know that you’ve forgotten how to truly speak up. You know you do too much for others, and that you take on their stuff. And that so much of what you do each day doesn’t actually light you up. In your heart you know that there’s things you really want to affect, change you want to instigate, and projects you’d love to birth.

Somewhere along the way you put yourself in the backseat, and you bloody well know it.

And what you can't shake from your mind is the knowing that deep inside you, there’s passion in your heart, sparkle in your soul, and fire in your belly.

And you’re here, reading this right for one reason only

…..It's FINALLY ready to give that a voice


Quit dimming your own damn light. You’ll finally move past that belief that you’re supposed to play it small and not make others feel uncomfortable by your greatness.

Be surrounded by a high level, loving team of women who will celebrate your wins with you.

Care for yourself in a radical way. At this level of playing it big, your self care is absolutely needed and you'll be supported to unconditionally open your own tap every day, regardless.

Build a powerful YES muscle, so that you can say YES to ANYTHING that you’re called to, regardless, and you KNOW that you have what it takes to make it happen (this YES muscle that you build will carry you through ongoing expansion throughout the rest of your life).

Go from the back seat to the front seat in life. Learn how to go from the ‘back seat’ in life to the ‘front seat’.

Stop second guessing yourself, and develop the muscle to know who you are and back yourself unconditionally.

Stop that shitty cycle of ‘people pleasing’ and over giving so that you claim back your energy and have high level relationships (instead of co-dependent ones)

Be DONE with procrastination and have a high level accountability structure that calls you to take daily actions towards your dreams.

Learn how to say NO to what doesn't serve you. You’ll be saying NO and clearing things off your plate, to free up your energy at higher and higher levels.

Quit being apologetic for who you are and your desires and gain an unshakable, unstoppable, unquestionable faith in yourself

Learn to unlock possibilities by making bold requests

Birth a soul project OR take a current soul project that you’re working on to a new level

Clean up energy blocks in your life so that you massively claim back more time and energy across your life

Redefine leadership and success 100% on YOUR terms.


I’ve spent the last 18 years diving deep into personal power and leadership.

WHY? Cause initially, I had to save my own life. Literally. I know first hand what it's like to go to the corners of your soul, and push beyond anything you’ve ever known. I know what it takes to go toe to toe with everything you’ve got, and cause unrecognizable change.

After recovering from anorexia and drug addiction, I went on to work at government level as a clinical nurse educator and project manager, implementing large scale change trainings throughout the New Zealand health sector and receiving award nominations for my work. At the point of being offered my dream promotion, I followed my heart and handed in my resignation.

Today I live in Bali and my company has 11 full-time employees. I use my voice to open up a unique flavour of conversation for women’s leadership. Reminding women to stop giving away their power. To stop settling, to stop people pleasing, and to stop living in the shadow of expectation


3 Months of Full Wrap-Around Training & Support

We’ll meet every week for specialized leadership trainings.
These high-octane trainings will massively fuel the upgrades you’ll be making over the 3 months.

Exclusive Private Access to Kate Maree O'Brien

You’ll have exclusive private ‘client-only’ access to Kate throughout the entire 12 weeks via your own Private Group with just yourself and Kate in it! This is an INCREDIBLE opportunity and will be a massive support during your 12 week upleveling.

x2 Private Breakthroughs Sessions

You’ll have TWO bonus one on one sessions with Kate’s incredibly talented Head Coach. These sessions will be custom to whatever it is that you’re MOST needing at the time.

Powerful Accountability Structure

You’ll be supported with a high-powered accountability system as you step into playing a high level game. The accountability system is amazing and INCLUDES you being phoned EVERY week to hold you accountable to showing up for what you REALLY want.

100% Results-Based Training

You’ll create BIG results over the 12 weeks. The results will be inside of whatever’s MOST important to you (we can talk further about this in your application interview).

Unrecognizable Shifts Within Yourself

Over the 12 weeks you’ll be trained, coached, supported, encouraged and called to move through the old level that’s been holding you back

Radical Tank Filling at the Highest Level

Radical self care is an essential component of being able to play it big in life .
As you’re stepping into your life in a big way, you’ll be uncompromising in how you radically nourish yourself through the daily tap openers that YOU choose. Every week you’ll have a personal phone call to lovingly hold you accountable to showing up for yourself and your radical self care at the highest level.

Super Special Bonus

5 Days in Bali for Advanced Leadership Training

Make sure you’re seated for this one... As a ridiculously special bonus, you’re going to get a ticket to attend our 5-Day Advanced Leadership Training in Bali worth $6990.
For 5 Days, you’ll be supported to literally ‘change the game’ on how you’ve known yourself up until this point. The word ‘GameChanger’ is an understatement for what you’ll experience at this 5-Day advanced leadership training.

You'll get a FULL Scholarship to join us in Bali for our 5-Day Advanced Leadership Training!!

The public tickets have sold for $6990, so this is an incredible opportunity. These 5 days alone, will kick your ass into high octane leadership.
It's like paint stripper for all the bullshit that's been holding you back aaaandit will be one hell of a fun time. Also, you'll laugh. You'll cry.

You'll come face to face with what's been blocking you and you'll reconnect to the power that's already within you.


Let's get honest....

On your own, the excuses will feel real,
and you'll go back to what you've always known

I created Diamond Leadership Academy because I KNOW that own your own, it's hard to see out of your own thinking. That life takes over, and that the reasons disappear and that life takes over again.

See, there’s a whopping big difference between knowing something through reading it in a book and actually being supported ongoingly to have it change your life.

Over three months, you’ll have a very high level structure supporting you, a tribe of high level women encouraging you, and coaches who will NOT let you buy into your own excuses and reasons.
The internal muscles that you build during these 12 weeks will go with you for the rest of your life.

I want to be ULTRA CLEAR...

This isn’t for people who aren’t willing to be a massive fucking stand for themselves. This is not the place that will accommodate any level of you dimming your light.

I’ll be holding a really big space for you and be a MASSIVE stand for you knowing yourself on a new level of amazing.

if you DON’T want to know your greatness , and you’d instead prefer to have someone believe your old stories of stuckness, then don’t apply.

Let’s be clear...

If however you’re DONE with dimming your light and enabling smallness. Then get your application submitted asap….


Opportunities arise, doors open. And it’s up to each of us to SAY YES.

Here’s the thing though… there’s so many ‘reasons’ of why you could say no, even if you feel called to it. You could tell yourself stories of ‘not enough time’, ‘can I even do it?’ ‘not enough money’ … the list goes on but you get the picture right? Whatever is your go to reason for selling out on your power, is your go to reason that you use over and over again in other areas of your life..

I’ll be frank with you, having what you truly want, boils down to being able to go beyond the initial fear and resistance that comes up, and to be an uncompromising stand for what you REALLY want.

And this is exactly what I'll be training you in over our three high-octane months together.

You’ll be trained in HOW to be an UNCOMPROMISING stand in your life.

HOW to have your life match up to whatever the hang you want.

HOW to say be a bold YES (even when you don’t know the ‘how’), and then HOW to have it happen the way you want it.


All you need to do is be willing to say YES to yourself and submit your application. This initial YES, will be the domino YES that alters everything

Over the 12 weeks you’ll be supported to be a higher YES for yourself in ways that you cannot even imagine as you sit here reading this page.
And doors will open for you in ways that are currently unimaginable.

You’ll be supported to build the muscle of being an unstoppable YES to what truly matters to you. And to be a massive no to what doesn’t (any old matyrdom, people pleasing, fear based ways will be addressed through the program).

And these muscles you’ll carry through for the rest of your life.

100% Results Based

"She’s helping us remove the layers of fog and gunk. I’m not playing small in my relationship with my husband, I’m not playing small in my friendships, and I’m certainly not playing small in my career. The bigness and the greatness that I’m stepping into and the openness I have to creating ridiculous amazingness in my life now is completely new."


CEO of Equinology Australia


Igniter of Women’s Empowerment

"She really sees you through. The conversations I have with myself are at completely new level now. I am now incredibly unreasonable. I have strong boundaries and I'm witnessing myself be at the level I want to be at."


Igniter of Women's Empowerment

Working with Kate has been an absolute gamechanger. It has upleveled and accelerated my humanness, my spirit and my alignment with my soul and has enabled me to unlock parts of myself that I didn’t even know I was rejecting. This has changed my life.

Tara Scott

Founder of Gen Zen Warriors

If you're ready to have paint stripper applied to everything that's held you back and kick yourself into high octane personal leadership..


Is this just for 'recognized leaders'...?

What are the dates?

Can I do it from anywhere in the world?

WOW! A full scholarship ticket to Bali. Tell me more...


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