The stuff that we are afraid of is just an illusion.

If you have something that’s coming up for you repeatedly in your life, and you’d rather go and kinda hide from it, it’s an invitation to you to go there, like really go there.

But the thing is, the places that give us our biggest growth, they are the places that are uncomfortable to go to. Now, as human beings, we are so wired towards pleasure and away from pain that it can be challenging to go the places that feel uncomfortable. So what do we do instead, we avoid, we resist, we reject, we suppress, we numb out. We do that by things like we overshop because if I shop then I feel good and it stopped me from feeling bad. We engage in gossip ’cause when I’m talking about someone else’s life is so shitty, in comparison, it makes me feel good.

You know all these ways in which we just disconnect from the lesson that’s showing up. Avoiding the lesson doesn’t make it go away. What it does is, it has that part bury down deep inside and it goes dormant. And it will keep on surfacing again and again and again.

So what does it take to like stand on the edge when that stuff comes up. You know, you’re being called to go there but you would rather not do all of that paddling that you’ve done before, all the hiding out, all the resisting, all the suppressing, all the numbing. And you’re like there on your own edge thinking, do you jump into it. I’m inviting, yes.

See, the thing is, the scary part is being on the edge not jumping. This scary part, (’cause here I know this part here is safe) so I’m seeking pleasure by staying here ’cause the safety and certainty of being here, I can deal with that cause I know this. Now sitting here my whole life is gonna be a little bit boring, right? But if I jump, what the hell is down there. Can I deal with it? But here’s the thing, you gotta get that there is pain with sitting here. There is pain with not jumping.

Because the more you sit, the more you don’t jump, the more you don’t go to the places that you’re being called to go to, the more you stay inside of a prison. And when you get that, and when get that freedom is down here and that here is the prison, you’re more likely to have the courage to go.

You know what, I’m gonna do it. I’m gonna trust. I’m going to trust that as I jump, I will have what I need. That I’m supported. That I’m not doing this alone. That things are coming out because I am here to face them. And I have everything I need and as you jump, guess what—it’s not as scary as the thing I found everytime I go into those parts of myself that feel freaking scary initially that I really want to run from. And when I stand here, and I have the courage to go toe-to-toe, face-to-face, and I can dance with those parts. I can dance with my fears, I can dance with the feeling of being uncomfortable. When I find there’s nothing there, like the illusion is keep in place by sitting on the corners of their life. It’s only when we jump on that we realize that the stuff that we are afraid of is just an illusion.

If you wanna find out more about this and you wanna find out about your own basically, human wiring that has you stay on the corners of your life, then go to TheExpansionProcess.com . I’ve got some free training there that really teach your internal mechanisms and you can see your flavor of it. It’s usually first of all the insight that opens the door for the access point about a step-through. Now the video is gonna give you the real insight however, it’s gonna take you and your courage to gonna be able to step through to make that jump. And I promise you, on the other side, freedom, like real and yourself freedom and your gut freedom. If you want that, I invite you to jump whatever that looks like for you.You know can feel the call for yourself. This is your call to cut through the noise that’s being there.

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