Creating at the Mansion (SHOWING UP Ep 15)


“I think the challenge for me is how do we chop between things quite fast and then keep it all.”

This week’s Vlog episode of ‘Showing Up’ you’re with me behind the scenes at The Mansion spa and resort (super luxurious) in Ubud Bali to create some cool things for our upcoming personal leadership intensive, GameChangerLive Bali THIS October!

If you feel called to go beyond the edge of what you’ve already been experiencing in life, I HIGHLY recommend you check it out (link is in the video). it will be a week in bali which massively alters the game for you. AND…. its 5 months away, so you have TONES of time to arrange whatever needs to be arranged to be there…

New episodes of ShowingUp are released every week as regular reminders to us all to drop the rules, excuses and barriers to ShowingUp for ourselves at the highest level while ALSO giving ourselves permission to be total and utter human beings in the process..

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