Choosing Instead of Resisting


…it’s the what inside, that’s the gift. Unwrap it… see it… see it for what it is… see the gifts that you’ve been constantly given moment to moment and get it.

What if like… just what if the world was actually conspiring for you. See… we can have these little movie roles and that had these fantasies of expectation on how stuff is supposed to be and then we can get ultra attached to those expectations. Now, we were ultra attached to those expectations, any time there’s a deviance from that. We have a suffering that we experienced. What if instead of that, we actually saw that the universe is conspiring for us in all of those little moments.

This morning, my alarm clock didn’t go off. I had the video crew, beautiful team, waiting there at 6:00 am and my alarm didn’t go off, wake up at 6:00 a.m. I got to practice letting go. Now, I had two options. I could have really been attached to those late and expectations that I didn’t show up in my commitment and blah blah blah where I could just practice letting go.

It’s easy to share Facebook quotes about that… about letting go and surrendering but it’s actually in the moments that we get to practice that. Se then on my way to the shoot, I checked my Facebook and I checked my message from a lady who told me that—You know, you are uninspiring and that I was blah blah blah.

See, what if that was meant to be. What if people walking around in the room right now talking is actually meant to be… See, that’s the beauty… that is the absolute beauty of this. See just before these gorgeous men who’re walking around the room… just before, they’re working to the shoot and can look at it from the point of view of…—Oh my gosh! We have to re-record.

But what if… just what if… we realized that everything is conspiring for us. We stop the shoot. We sat down with these gorgeous guys and I learnt about them… You know, one of the is 94 years old. This gorgeous Balinese man, 94 years old and we can’t speak the same language but we got to talk… we got to share foods together. And we sat there in the windows sill of this old house which is, honestly, about to fall down… and got to see like humanity.

See the thing is… when we have expectations, we get so attached to our expectation on how things are supposed to be. We missed out on the moments that actually arise.

Life… like real life doesn’t occur in the fantasies that on our head. If you’re living from a space of trying to control all your outcomes and then when things do come up in a different form of what you’d expected… if you’re resisting that and you’re making it wrong and you’re not seeing the beauty, then you’re missing out.

Every moment, we’ve got stuff showing up for us. Just because it doesn’t have a packaging on it that we expect us that means to say it’s a gift. It’s the what inside, that’s the gift. Unwrap it… see it… see it for what it is… see the gifts that you’ve been constantly given moment to moment and get it.

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I’ve been full of blessings this morning and yet the old me would have saying frustration. If you want support on this because sometimes we can get this logically but actually understanding how to walk through it given that we are wired fundamentally on a core human level… to our control and to be separate at times, head over to And I’ve got FREE video training series that really powerful.

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Have a magnificent day and remember to actually look at the gifts that are being provided for you moment to moment.

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  • Linda

    Thank you for continuing to keep it real to stand up and show yourself exactly as you are in all your magnificence.

    Keep on being all that you are and being a positive influence that touches both heart and soul.

    Sending much love and gratitude from one unique being to another.

    Linda 🙂

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