You have gifts inside and they are uniquely yours.

When I worked as a registered nurse, I would hold people’s hands, as they faced the end.. They’d tell me – with tears in their eyes – what they regretted.It forever changed me.

Question is…
How DO you boldly live your truth? How DO you follow your own inner callings?
I want it to stir something inside you. Life’s too bloody short for anything less. Thing is, we tolerate less all the time. Every darn day. It sucks. And its about time we stopped.

What color is your canvas?
What lights you up can only be done by you?
What dreams will you breathe life into?
How much permission will you give yourself to really follow your truth?

See… You have gifts inside and they are uniquely yours… that when you’re too busy painting someone else’s picture, that vision in your heart, it doesn’t get birth.

Please… stop living a life boxed inside of expectation. There are million people on their death bed regretting the lives that they don’t live. Paint your canvas in a way that makes your heart truly sing.

Where it takes you at times, things might not go with you envision them… but trust the process. Trust your process. Keep painting… Keep creating.

When you do, your journey will follow perfectly. Only you know what’s in your heart. The moment that you choose you and all of the shades of you. Your life takes on a new color… a vibrancy emerges that you’ve never experienced before.

We need more people connected back into the truth then love.

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