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Remembering your TRUTH

Out of the darkness Into the light, You’re born into this world Raw, beautiful, wild and free Then without realizing it, Something else takes over And we fall into a drain A wild fantasy of [...]


  Change is great but not when it’s the pre-requisite for accepting yourself because if it does, the price tag will be your freedom. Change this — I don’t want to see it. Change this — [...]

Choosing Instead of Resisting

  …it’s the what inside, that’s the gift. Unwrap it… see it… see it for what it is… see the gifts that you’ve been constantly given moment to moment and get it. What if like… [...]

Be Selfish

I wanna call us right here, right now to redefine selfishness. There are so much guilt particularly for women around what they see is selfish. Here’s the thing, selfish is being [...]

Words Matter

  With the current temperature of the world I want to remind us all.. WORDS MATTER. The words we say to ourselves in our head, and the words we say out loud. I’m so proud of this [...]


  …resentment and criticism and blame on any level does not pave the way for beauty. It does not pave the way for love. It does not pave the way for compassion. It does not pave the [...]

Beyond Perfectionism

  Perfectionism—It is a disease of control. I’m super familiar with that that I had a membership in perfectionism and control my whole life and here’s the thing that makes it so [...]


  Have the courage to see me and I hope I am brave enough to see you. Most people, when they see me, they are not seeing me. They are seeing the story that they have of me. The story of who [...]


  It starts with me and it starts now! I’m done. I’m done asking for permission. I’m done waiting for someone else to say that I can. I’m done with watering down my truth. I’m done with [...]

Self Love VS Self Esteem

  Self-love shows up and just loves you anyway and gently nudges you to keep moving forward. Where are you sourcing your power from. Is it from within or is it from without? There is a huge [...]

The Power of Asking!

Why is it that we hold ourselves back from asking for what we TRULY DEEPLY want?? In fact, often we tend to ‘complain about what we dont want’ rather than ask for what we do.. In this [...]

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