Be Selfish

I wanna call us right here, right now to redefine selfishness. There are so much guilt particularly for women around what they see is selfish.

Here’s the thing, selfish is being self-serving. Now, when we serve ourselves first, we have more to give to others. I see a lot of women and I’ve been calling that paradox so much myself is that you know, we’re all about giving… we’re all about service… we’re all about looking after our kids. Looking after after our families… looking after everyone else… and then like the tank is so ending that is nothing else to give.

And then we have this, if that paradigm of what selfishness is… that selfish is a selfish thing to do. We get so collapsed and this meaning, that is wrong and the impact that it has is a lot of women just don’t take time for themselves… they don’t nurture themselves… they don’t fill up their tank. It’s time to shift that.

If this is a message that are speaking for you, I’m inviting you to actually look at to redefine what you see as generosity ’cause generosity is when you serve yourself so much that your cup and your tank and yourself is so filled up from the inside out that you have got stuff overflowing to give to people. In that space, you’re so juicy that you can’t help but give… you can’t help but inspired. It’s like your can’t run it over.

If you’ve got children in your life, the generous thing to do is to fill your tank so much that they see a model of a woman who is self-nourishing… who self-nurturing… that my friends is not selfish. It is generous.

Please, if this is speaking to you because you put yourself on the back burner because you’ve got some whacked-out idea of what service means or what contribution names and that you collect it with not serving yourself and not contributing to yourself, please today do something to put time in for
yourself. Make that phone call… who do you need to ask to help support you so that you can take time away so they can help with some responsibilities. I don’t know… you know all of these. You’re a smart person.

The key here is to do it. Do something today ’cause if something doesn’t change things won’t change and then what will happen as those things inside of you that have operated at that level to keep the world revolving at that level because you’d be something that you get from it.

It will be some kind of payoff that you get from constantly being that martyr of over-giving… that you have to address that. You have to realize that you know, being a martyr, it will take some growth… it will take a paradigm shift but it is worth it.

So are you ready to get selfish and own that shi*t, do it today and if this message resonates with you, hit Like, Share it with your friends and if you’re on YouTube, hit SUBSCRIBE. I put out a new video like this every single week and I’ll see you in the next video.

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