(from the Diamond Leadership Training)

This special audio guides you through envisioning and embodying your new ‘front seat’ future. It guides you to connect powerful into your own ‘front seat’ resourcefulness and unique gifts and skills. You can listen to the FUTURE SELF AUDIO on a daily basis (or whenever you want to reconnect back into that higher part of you).


Imagine having the support, training and accountability to actually EMBODY these insights and shifts at a cellular level SO THAT you have built within you the capacity, mindset and resourcefulness to create ANYTHING you feel called to.

That’s what the Diamond Training is all about.

  • Being completely unstoppable in creating your life from the front seat
  • Shifting your relationship to the stories that’ve held you back so that they no longer have power over you
  • Unlidding your capacity and your ability to cause and create at the level you truly want
  • Raise the bar in your life at a level unimaginable to your old self, and have life meet you at that new level
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