Do whatever feels good. Taking time to acknowledge and appreciate yourself and just take that time out, will make all the difference…

This is a crucial and beautiful space that after a breakthrough is like a space opens up. The job is to then take space to allow yourself to re-calibrate at a new level.

I invite you the next time you’ve gone through some kind of breakthrough and you’re popping out on the other side… It can be really exciting and you just wanna kind of rush off into your life. I invite you to actually pause and take space because it’s in this space that you get to re-calibrate and almost like baked in these new changes on a cellular level.

What can you do to actually take pause and to re-calibrate? When you take the time out, actually do stuff that really really nurtures you. Whatever that is, you what that is. Anything that feels self-loving, anything that feels nurturing. Sometimes for me, it’s time away from people. It’s taking space to actually like connect back in to acknowledge myself. Acknowledgement is so so important like tons, like lavish, like whipped cream on top of yourself. Massive acknowledgement… because what that does is it sends a message to your wiring that “Hey you know what, having breakthrough is a really good thing and it reminds you like on a cellular level to keep actually opening up to the next space.”

Do whatever feels good. Taking time to acknowledge and appreciate yourself and just take that time out, will make all the difference and then when you come back into your life, into your space, you will be operating from a whole new level to be able to go from.

We talked a lot about multiple comfort zone shifts, stuck on top of each other but what we don’t usually say is that part of that like a key part of multiple comfort shifts is that actually having multiple periods of pause and grace and re-calibration and space and appreciation, acknowledgement, self-nurture. It goes hand-in-hand otherwise, we’re just driving through the next level to the next level.

Next time you’re having a beautiful big breakthrough, afterwards remember to pause, to take space, to acknowledge, to appreciate, to self-nurture, and allow yourself to actually re-calibrate on a new and high level.

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