Imagine for a moment.. Redefining what's possible for yourself…Cracking the lid open on what you thought you were capable of

Imagine if ALL the experiences you’re currently having in your life, came from a story that could be rescripted

Lean in for a moment, I have something I want to whisper in your ear...

You’re only just scratching the surface on what's possible for yourself and your life…

can you feel it?

It's that niggly feeling on the inside you get when you lie in bed at night The knowingness that (try as you might), you just can't seem to shake The one that whispers to you “there’s more than this”

Pause for a moment, and think…

What would it actually be like if that invisible force that's been holding you back, no longer had power over you?

What would it be like if you were so damn connected to your own internal powerhouse that you were fully and unstoppable living from THAT place

What would your life be like? What would you create from there?
What would the quality of your relationships be like? Your health perhaps? And even your finances..?

Are you ready to re-define what’s possible for yourself…?

This’ll be like nothing you’ve experienced before…

Two days together, of ‘on the court’ experiential openings where you’ll see the edges of how you’ve been operating, and called to powerfully step beyond them

The two days is created for you to have experiential shifts which go beyond the level of ‘theory’. The workshop is not designed for you to leave the workshop, ‘knowing more’ at the level of theory

What we truly care about is you having the deep shifts required that will have you shifting those old stories that’ve held you back and kept you stuck up until now

And have EXPERIENTIAL SHIFTS into the driver’s seat of your life, and re-creating your future, from that space

You’ll come face to face with the patterns and stories that’ve been lurking beneath the surface of your life, having you feel stuck at the level of experiences you’re currently at, and blocking you from what it is that you truly want

And isn’t it about time? 

The world needs you. Your family needs you. You damn well need you.

During this fully immersive experience, we’ll stand for your transformation in whichever ways required.

We’ll guide and support you as you come up against THE thing that’s been blocking you.

Because beyond that, holy heck, it’ll blow your mind what becomes available… exciting huh. Are you ready?

Shift your story, and you'll shift your life

Some of the key principles we’ll be working with you experientially on are...

Creating Your Life From Freedom & Possibility

Being Cause in the Matter of The Life You Choose

Over the two days, you’ll be trained, coached and called to shift into a place of uncompromising freedom and power in your life. Being cause in the matter of your life is a place to stand from which gives you power and freedom to create the life YOU choose. When you live life from the ‘front seat’, anything becomes possible.

Relationship to Yourself

You’ll be working powerfully with your relationship to yourself over the 2 days. Experientially shifting the old agreements that no longer serve you
and re-writing the story of how you relate to yourself.

Freeing Up Dormant Parts Within

Right now, you’re operating from a fraction of who you are, with so much of your power repressed. During these 2 days, you’ll free up parts of yourself which will allow you to bring so much more of you to life (you’ll have more of you to bring to your relationships, to your vision and to your life).

Cleaning Up Stagnancy From The Past

Without realizing it, you’re operating on top of so much stuff which is incomplete and unworkable. This keeps you stuck where you are. Cleaning this up & getting it complete, will free you up in ways you’ve never experienced before, and thus
opening up your capacity to truly create.

Relationships to Others

‘The quality of your life is in direct proportion to the quality of your relationships’.

So what are the quality of your relationships? We’re talking about ALL the relationships in your life that matter to you. The relationship you have with your partner, your kids, your family...

How do you show up? How do you occur to them? How do they occur to you?

What’s not being said that needs to be said? The thing we’re present to at the end of our lives, more than anything else, is our relationships.It's time to show up there.

Expanding into Intimacy and Connection

Let's expand your capacity for intimacy & connection. Over the 2 days, as you remove what's been blocking you, you’ll massively expand in your capacity for intimacy & connection.

This starts with yourself, and extends out to others. So many people have rediscovered the intimacy in their relationships through this work.

Ability to Produce Unprecedented Results

Let's lift the lid on the results you’re creating in your life within the areas that are important to you. You’ll be learning a specific technology that will put you in the driver’s seat of causing results in your life, again and again and again.



Before you arrive at Access Point you’ll get access to pre-course materials and trainings to set you up really well for what’s ahead. These preparation materials and trainings will be a huge help in setting you up for the deep dive coaching and training.



After Access Point there’s a 2 week integration period where you’ll be building these new internal muscles and showing up inside of what you committed to for yourself. During this two weeks you’ll...

  • Have access to Kate, Henare and the people you went through Access Point with in a private FB group
  • Additional integration trainings added in there for you during that 2-week integration phase
  • LIVE Group Coaching Call 2 weeks after Access Point
    (replay available if you can’t make it Live)
About the Facilitators

Henare and Kate O'Brien

We're a husband and wife duo from New Zealand, who together hold over 20 years experience in personal development training to a high level. Combining years of study in ontology, spirituality, human behaviour, NLP and more. We are both NLP Master Practitioners with Kate also being an NLP Trainer.

We've personally studied with and under the Masters and pioneers of their respected fields. Our unique teaching processes have evolved over the past decade drawing from a range of modalities including ontology, spirituality & neuroscience and the training we facilitate is deep, and ‘no holds barred’. We go anywhere that’s required to support people to crack past the resistance that’s been blocking them and step into the truth of who they already are. When we say anything, we really do mean ANYTHING. From martial arts to primal screaming, ontological training to dancing.. We go wherever is required.

We facilitate 2 - 5 days workshops with groups of up to 200 people.Our advanced leadership trainings have people causing transformational results in every area of their lives, in particular transforming their finances, relationships with loved ones, and relationship to themselves.

We've become known as Australasia's Leading Transformational Leadership Couple, created one of the world's leading personal development summits, and are globally known for the deep shift coaching & training we provide.


One weekend to redefine what's possible...



3rd & 4th January 2019


The Spencer on Byron Hotel, 9-17 Byron Avenue,Takapuna, Auckland, New Zealand 

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