3-Month Advanced Personal Leadership Space Causing Unprecedented Results

Are you feeling capped at a certain level and frustrated with how to go beyond there? Let’s get real, as human beings, we tolerate significantly less than what’s possible. Those tolerations then get backed up with a sizeable list of justifications of ‘why not’. In fact, we’re so constipated with this ‘stuff’ (things that don’t work how we fully want them to, reasons of why we can’t have ‘that thing’) that two things are diminished. Firstly, our ability to see possibility. And secondly, our ability to cause results.

GameChanger Accelerate is the 3-Month Advanced Personal Leadership Training designed to transform that paradigm. Is it time to know yourself as the Leader of your own life? Is it time to be Leading results within your life on a whole new level, than you thought possible?

Creating a deep connection to who you are while shifting what’s been blocking you.


This is an ‘on the court’ experience where you’ll produce significant results in key areas of your life. And most importantly, through the 12 weeks, you’ll come to know yourself as someone who can. You’ll become a person who can see something, and say yes to it, knowing in your soul, that you have what it takes to cause results, on any level. That when you say yes, its ‘done deal’. Throughout the 12 weeks, you’ll go toe to toe with every part of yourself.


Being Cause in the Matter of The Life You Choose

Being cause in the matter of your life is a place to stand from that gives you complete power and freedom to create the life YOU choose.

Relationship to Yourself

You’ll be working with your relationship to yourself throughout the three months. Shifting the old agreements you have with yourself, the ones that no longer serve you, and creating a way of relating to yourself.

Freeing Up Dormant Parts Within

Currently you’re operating on a fraction of who you are, with so much of your power repressed. Freeing up these parts within you allows you to bring so much more of you to life.

Cleaning Up Stagnancy From The Past

Without realizing it, you’re operating on top of so much which is incomplete and unworkable. This is what’s keeping you stuck where you are. Cleaning this up & getting it complete, will free you up in ways you’ve never experienced before, and thus opening up your capacity to truly create.

Relationships to Others

‘The quality of your life is in direct proportion to the quality of your relationships’ So what are the quality of your relationships? We’re talking about ALL the relationships in your life that matter to you. The relationship you have with your partner, your kids, your family… human beings in general. How do you show up? How do you occur to them? How do they occur to you? What’s not being said that needs to be said?

Expanding into Intimacy

Let's expand your capacity for intimacy As you remove what's blocking you, you expand in your capacity for intimacy. As you allow more of you to come through, you expand in your capacity for intimacy. As you allow yourself to be seen, you expand in your capacity for intimacy.

Enhanced and Effective Communication

Where are you being blocked in your communication? It's incredible what opens up when you shift this, within yourself, your relationships and your ability to cause results.

Ability to Produce Unprecedented Results

Let's lift the lid on the results you’re creating in your life within the areas that are important to you. The technology you’ll learn here you’ll be able to apply over and over in the future to cause the results you really want.

Financial Wealth

Money is an energy currency and a direct reflection of where things are at internally. You may choose to recreate this area for yourself, and be cause in the matter of creating your financial experiences on a whole new level.


6 One-On-One Breakthrough Sessions

12 Group Intensives

Private Message & Email Support

Accountability like you’ve never experienced before

Private Facebook Group where you’ll interact with Henare and your team

Someone who sees through your stuff, like you’ve never experienced before

Causing results, like you’ve never experienced before

Making internal shifts, like you’ve never experienced before


You’re ready to no longer be held back by all the reasons that’ve been keeping you stuck.

You’re hungry to see really big shifts in areas of your life.

You’re ready and willing to put in the required work on your end to make all these shifts.

You want someone on the court with you who can actually SEE BEYOND your own excuses and reasons for not playing at a full 10 in life.

You want the results, yes, you also want to massively grow who you are along the way.

You’re done with fighting for your excuses, and you’re ready to fight for all the reasons of why the hell YOU.

a complete overhaul of your life...


“I've seen an additional $100,000 into my business. I have a depth of communication and connection with my husband, kids and step kids that I just couldn't have imagined before joining the Accelerate program. The technology used in it has literally changed the way that I think, be and am in the world.”


Naturopath, Wellness Coach and Business Owner

I have loved my experience in GameChanger Accelerate. Some of the results I’ve seen, over $100,000 into my business, I have a depth of communication and connection not only to my husband but also my kids and my step-kids that I couldn't just have imagined before joining the Accelerate program. The technology that’s used here has literally changed the way I think, be and am in the world. It has allowed space for me to show up however I choose in life and be okay and knowing the depths of the darkness that I’d been in…Extraordinary! Those results that I've just rattled off, I have never been able to produce something that huge in such a short period of time anywhere in my career and business. I'm in total gratitude for Kate’s extraordinary teaching talent and Hen’s extraordinary coaching ability as well as his unique way of getting the best out of us in the group.

“The most transformative experience of my life. There’s no words to articulate what this experience is like. You will meet your maker in this.”


Founder of the Unconditional Tribe, Coach and Entrepreneur

Before GCA:

  • Everything seemed so uphill. Life was like a struggle that had no end.
  • I was lacking confidence in my capabilities to achieve what I want.
  • Looking back, I can see how I was so unaware of how much pain I was avoiding.
  • ​I was oblivious to the deep pains that weren’t being addressed in my relationship.
  • I was putting up such a front in life, and it was exhausting.

After GCA:

  • Life now feels like it's genuinely MY creation. I feel it on a cellular level. The big stuff is actually do-able.
  • The results that I've dreamed about for so long, are now actually showing up in my life.
  • I have a business that’s flourishing. Whilst its still early days, our income has gone from $1000 per week before GCA, to during this 12 weeks alone, I’ve brought in over $40,000.
  • I now feel deeply connected to my partner Kate and others in my life.
  • My life feels fulfilling now. Like what I am here to do I am ACTUALLY starting to do and this whole thing feels playful, like its some big game that I get to decide how I play.
  • I feel free for the first time in my life. I feel empowered. (I actually have tears as I'm writing this last bit!!)

“I’ve had so much, so much opportunity open up for me in the time that I’ve been in this program- so much more than I believed possible. It continues to amaze me, what opens up for me financially and in my relationships. If you’re considering Accelerate, you should consider it a YES."


Licensed Massage Therapist and Personal Coach

I’ve had so much opportunity open up for me in the time that I’ve been in this program, so much more than I believed possible. It continues to amaze me, what opens up for me financially and in my relationships… Today, I realized I’ve made a $1000 more this month than I projected and what I projected was even $1500 more than I have ever made in my life a month and now Im making over and above what I didn’t believe possible! This is some magical stuff! It seems magical but it is intensely practical! There’s sooo much opportunity to open up to and there’s so much that I get to accept and that I can just let go and let be and I’m blessed and so grateful to be in this program and to have access to Henare’s coaching because he is able to see me deeper that I could see myself. If you’re considering Accelerate, you should consider it a YES.

“I’ve noticed a HUGE change in my relationship with my husband, we’re the most connected we’ve EVER been. That was definitely not the case before I started the program. I've blossomed.”


Holistic Registered Nurse and Entrepreneur

Within the first couple of weeks, I noticed huge shifts happening... Underlying things that I had hidden and buried were actually given permission to come to the surface for me to be able to see them and for me to make a choice to set them aside to create a bigger and brighter future. I've noticed a huuuge change with my relationship with my husband. We’ve been together for 10 years now and we’re the most connected we’ve ever been. In the way we communicate, express and able to have really open, honest conversations with things that’re important to us… that was definitely not the case before I started this program.

I’ve blossomed and have been able to really acknowledge and see all of who I am and know that all of it is whole complete and perfect and be okay with that and allow the uglier side to come up and know that it’s okay but also know that I have a choice to stay in that space or to shift it aside and allow my stand and my vision and to even create that stand that I wanted to make in the world has been huge for me and it was something that I struggled with. Hen has been so open and loving and been able to guide through this process.

“There’s a huge difference in the quality and the connections of my relationships since starting this program. That also has spilled over to my work relationships, my workplace.”


Registered Nurse

My results from Accelerate have blown me away—totally exceeded my expectations all across the board. I’ve gotten results in my personal life—being more motivated to take care of myself rather than it be something I HAD to do or SHOULD do. The huge area is relationships. My relationships are much more open and connected. I’m so much more confident in myself in new situations and with different people. And I’m able to have fun in interactions with people and to make situations more fun for myself and bring that to other people as well. There’s a huge difference in the quality and the connections of my relationships since starting this program. That also has spilled over to my work relationships and am able to have more fun at work. I'm able to enjoy what I do and to see the impact of that to myself and other people rather than just clocking time and measuring my worth by the hours that I work which was a big issue for me in the past. I’ve seen results everywhere with Accelerate. Amaaazing results! There are things that three months ago, I would not have imagined to be possible… basically Accelerate has put me back into my life in a way I could not even have imagined. I can see possibilities now that I could not even dream of before starting the program.

I think the effects will continue cumulatively going forward because I'm at a space where I can just see possibilities now that I could not even dream of before starting the program- that is one of the really cool things!



Acceptance into this program is through Application only. We carefully consider each applicant so please fill out the application with that in mind. Henare will bring everything to you during the 3 months and we need to know that you’re in a space to step up to this level.