Who Are Henare & Kate?

As well as sharing wedding vows, children and a business, we also share a MASSIVE commitment to helping people ‘crack themselves open’ and become free from their own limitations so that they can live the juicy and enriching life that’s waiting for them.

We know through our own personal journey’s that the more we grow inside… the juicier and more delicious life gets! And.. it wasn’t always like that for us—far from it! We’ve both overcome massive obstacles to have the life that we have now. Every step of the way, we’ve worked for it, and we’ve learnt it. We know what it’s like to dig deep. To self-reflect. To heal what hurts. To take action when its difficult.

We’re both so grateful for all that we’ve gone through because it allows us to coach and guide people from a strong space. We know that when we grow our internal resources – more is possible, more is available. Inside we experience more love, more joy, more connection. Outside we experience more connection to others, more financial freedom, more time and more resources.

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