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A huge thanks for being on this page. This video shares a bit about who I am, where I’ve come from and what I stand for in the world. You being here tells me that there’s something in your being that wants more. Whatever that is. Something ‘next level’ in your life. I’d love to help you get that.

Much love,

Henare O’Brien


Henare is best known as a father of two beautiful children, Zion and Bailey, and husband to Kate for over 12 years now. He comes from a line of New Zealand Maori Tohunga (Shaman) and has gifts in seeing into the non-physical world into the shadows, spirits and dark that wants illumination to the light. It has nearly drove him into the brink of despair and destruction but seeing it, he now understands that with love, it can be brought home to itself and into the light. He channelings beings, ancestors & spirits to help the earth heal one person at a time.

After playing professional Basketball and gaining a Degree in Education, he slipped into a deep dark depression where he had to make a choice to stay on this earth or not. In this desperate time, he gained loving support from his mother, a woman he hated and learn that love is present for all if we allow it in, so he set off on a 10-year journey of discovery into the nature of the SELF.

Before admitting to himself that the shamanic road was part of his calling in travelling the world, he looked for the answers in the world’s best loved trainers and spiritual teachers. The best of the best and while learning from them, also noticed their unique humanity in being an ordinary human beyond the mastery they had attained in certain areas. What he found after that is that we all have our stuff no matter how famous or infamous. This was at first disappointing and for a while he gave up on everybody and everything becoming a hidden hermit in his home on the hill. He’s disillusions with personal development then woke him to owning everything about the ego in him.

Henare emerged to create a loving yet direct and unique style of training & coaching more in line with Zen then Personal Development which cuts swiftly through layers of conditioning to reach the core part of the personality, giving people a direct access to a new level of expanded freedom or explorative pain. He welcomes both in himself and in others. He believes that freedom exist in re-remembering parts of one-self and not eliminating but loving every part for the light and dark messages they send us. He lives by his own example and learns to live in the message of his teachings rather than the theory of it. “Am I living this” is a question he asks of himself daily.

Henare has been directly trained & coached by luminary greats such as: Neil Donald Walsh (Author of ‘Conversations With God’), and Jack Canfield (America’s #1 Success Coach). He traveled throughout Europe with beloved teachers, Wayne Dyer & Louise Hay. He’s been a casual consultant and support to Brendon Burchard, Teal Swan and Preston Smiles. Henare has trained in almost every modality available & now collaborates weekly with the biggest names in personal development, spirituality & neuroscience to spread a message of healing further. He also channels the masters that have livened asking for their guidance each day to bring wholeness to his life and humanity.

He skypes with thought leaders such as Jack Canfield, T. Harv Eker, Marci Shimoff, Dr. Daniel Siegel, Brendon Burchard, Eben Pagan, Bruce Lipton (and many more), sharing ideas to expand next level consciousness in the hope that we can reverse all the suffering that people go.

Henare now travels throughout Australasia & South East Asia delivering his insights on deeper level transformation to help people see the dark and good in themselves so that they bring a wholeness and love to life.

He doesn’t claim to have anything of any value and mostly shares what he does to help wake, confront and draw people into their own healing. He is a sinner more than a saint and knows the dark intimately to help people bring themselves to the light. He is an Unenlightened Spiritual Teacher, Shamanic Tohnuga and Warrior of Truth bringing insights to debate, discuss and consider to open up thinking into broader expansive conversations…


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