• "Listen to him he is a great teacher."

    Brendon Burchard
    Brendon Burchard New York Time #1 Best Selling Author of 'The Millionaire Messenger
  • "I simply LOVE what Henare & Kate have created, their messages are so authentic & such a huge alignment with my own teachings."

    Marci Shimoff
    Marci Shimoff New York Times Best-Selling Female Author
  • "I absolutely love Kate, she comes from the heart, her message is inspiring. I highly recommend her. She's a woman who changes lives."

    Marvin Oka
    Marvin Oka World Leader in Neuro Behaviour Modelling, Master Trainer & Master Modeller
  • "Kate is impacting her audiences at an emotional level and at a life changing level. I highly recommend her."

    Mark Klaassen
    Mark Klaassen INLPTA Certified NLP Master Trainer & Corportate Consultant
  • "Kate is an inspiration, Kate is one to watch."

    Sir Paul Holmes
    Sir Paul Holmes TV Presenter, Broadcaster and Bestselling Author
  • "Henare & Kate have wonderful skills to bring out the best in people. This is a powerful team of personal development to listen to."

    Brandon Bays
    Brandon Bays New York Times Bestselling Author & Globally Acclaimed Spiritual Teacher and Founder of 'The Journey'
  • "Keep doing the great work that you're doing!"

    James Arthur Ray
    James Arthur Ray New York Times Bestselling Author Featured Expert in the global movie phenomena


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